Katie Ziolkowski

VIVA Wellness Registered Nurse. Katie supports clients overall health and wellness by administering IV Vitamin Infusions and IM Injections.

Katie Ziolkowski

Registered Nurse

VIVA Wellness water drop

After graduating with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I started my first RN position in a Medical Surgical Unit where I worked for the next two years. I’m currently transitioning into my next role, which is in the outpatient department, where I offer IV therapies, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, and dressing changes for long term or chronic illnesses.

At VIVA Wellness I work with clients in IV infusions, IM and SQ injections, and helping with compounded semaglutide and compounded tirzepatide injections. I love meeting new people, building relationships, and am always inspired by people investing in their health and making progress toward their goals.

An open-mind toward natural approaches to health.

Since I’m still new to VIVA Wellness, it’s been incredible to learn more about the different interpretations of healthy and begin to embrace some of the more natural techniques that are available. Whether that’s adding or subtracting from my diet, I am focused on learning how to support my body. So far I love, obviously, IV infusions, and have such great results from adding chlorophyll to my water consistently.

Midwesterners have unique deficiencies!

I see frequently just how radically people can change their state of wellness by adding more vitamins. Obviously, IV infusions are powerful, but daily supplementation can be so impactful, too. Since Wisconsinites and most Midwesterners don’t get a lot of winter sun, our Vitamin D is often quite low. And when that happens and the immune function is compromised, we then also have a high demand for Vitamin C to help support that immune system! Be consistent and even the common cold becomes easy to ward off!

If you’re feeling really low—IVs (consistently, too, so book in advance) can bring you back more rapidly!

Staying active keeps me happy!

From young through high school, I was totally active in sports and loved them. However, during college, I went cold turkey and realized how important movement was to maintaining my overall sense of health. I’ve rejoined a gym and am totally in love with the many benefits of exercise.

A foodie and a traveler…

There’s nothing better than always having an adventure on the calendar. I love to travel and explore new parts of the world. And whether right at home or while traveling, there’s nothing more thrilling to me than beautiful food! I'm always wanting to capture those Instagram-worthy food shots but somehow my mouth always beats me to it and ruins the picture.

I love the idea that this interest in food is sometimes just my body showing what it needs to feel nourished—it’s so incredible to know that our bodies have this inherent wisdom that helps us get more of what we need to feel healthy!

Katie Ziolkowski, RN-BSN

IV Vitamin Infusions / IM Vitamin Injections

Katie received her BSN from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2019. She and her husband are living out their just married years. Katie is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and dog mom—basically just a big-hearted animal lover. 


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