Plenity Now Available at VIVA Wellness

We are SO excited to be among the FIRST medical weight loss clinics in Wisconsin to offer PLENITY®.

Plenity Available for Weight Management and Weight LossPlenity is FDA-cleared and is not a medication, appetite suppressant, or diuretic. Instead, it is like taking raw veggie fiber that adds volume to your stomach—it literally keeps you feeling full so you eat and snack less! Plenity is indicated to aid weight management in adults with excess weight or obesity, a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25–40 kg/m2, when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

With Plenity you lose weight because it helps you eat less. You simply take 3 Plenity capsules with 16oz water 20-30min before lunch and dinner (twice daily), and that’s it.

Why is Plenity a great option for weight loss weight management?

It’s not a drug. Plenity is non-systemic, meaning it does not affect other medications you may be taking. It is suitable for individuals on a variety of medications, or those who have pre-existing conditions. So, unlike with some other weight loss medications, even those with diabetes or high blood pressure can take Plenity.

As is sometimes the case for clients with cardiovascular issues or trouble adhering to a strict diet regimen (like with an hCG weight loss plan), your options may be limited. Often these individuals can’t be prescribed typical weight loss medications (like phentermine). Now, with Plenity we can offer additional choices.

Who can take Plenity for weight loss?

Since Plenity is not a systemic medication, most clients can be prescribed Plenity. However, there are certain individuals who shouldn’t take Plenity. Those who are:

  • pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • allergic to cellulose, citric acid, sodium stearyl fumarate, gelatin, or titanium dioxide, or
  • those with severe GI issues like Chrons, ulcerative colitis should not take Plenity.

It was proven in a clinical study that those taking Plenity felt fuller, while also feeling like they have more control over their eating choices—amplifying healthy lifestyle behaviors. Taking Plenity as prescribed, along with a combination of healthy eating habits and exercise, can result in a loss of up to 10% of body weight in 6 months.

How can I get Plenity?

Plenity is available by prescription only. So you must make an appointment to see one of our nurse practitioners to get started. But, if you are interested in beginning your weight loss journey with us at VIVA Wellness, Plenity can be combined with other weight loss programs or medications to maximize your weight loss.


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