Tirzepatide for Weight Loss

Medical weight loss programs consist of a customized nutrition plan complete with prescription weight loss medication based on the individual client’s history and wellness goals. If you would like VIVA Wellness to help you lose weight, our nurse practitioner will personally meet with you on a regular basis to keep you on track throughout your wellness journey.

Tirzepatide for Weight Loss Success

Tirzepatide, a New Option in Weight Loss

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Tirzepatide (also prescribed under the brand name Mounjaro) is a new option in our variety of weight loss services. You’ve likely heard of semaglutide (brand name Wegovy or Ozempic) as a powerful glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) drug that unlocks profound weight loss results. We’ve had great success sharing it with our clients at VIVA Wellness. Another drug called tirzepatide, often by the brand name Mounjaro, is AVAILABLE SOON through VIVA Wellness, and it offers similar results to those using semaglutide—reducing appetite, sustaining satiety, balancing blood sugar. The combination of these benefits over time means sustained weight loss for many.

Tirzepatide Helps You Feel Full and More

Originally used to improve sugars in those with Type 2 diabetes, tirzepatide (if deemed appropriate per your unique medical history) may work from another angle by stimulating two hormone receptors that control the hormones that regulate satiety, instead of just one with semaglutide.

Tirzepatide facilitates significant weight loss results through reducing cravings, improved blood sugar stability, feeling fuller longer by slowing the emptying of food through the stomach, and not requiring drastic lifestyle change or restrictive dieting that make it so easy to “fall off the bandwagon”. While drastic lifestyle changes aren’t necessary, the drug has an inherent ability, in many, to shift their habits to arrive at a changed set of healthy habits simply because their body guides them to make those decisions. That said, clean eating and movement will increase effectiveness AND ensure the body feels better along the way as it processes the release of weight. Most patients don’t need to make radical changes to their eating.

Tirzepatide May Be Better Than Traditional Dieting

If traditional dieting has not worked for you, tirzepatide or semaglutide certainly may (if our NPs determine you are a good fit). Despite the ways it works mentioned above, one of the more inspiring notes is that for folks who have struggled to see their weight change despite trying everything (you are certainly not alone), they get to see their bodywork, rebuilding trust, and become freed up from incessant food and weight loss thoughts.

Some consider this to be one of the most statistically significant weight loss drugs available. Initial testing on those taking for diabetes and blood sugar management were astonished with the weight loss results, enough so to focus studies on that effect alone. So far, the results speak for themselves.

The way that VIVA Wellness offers either tirzepatide or semaglutide involves a method of protecting your quality of life—meaning, you feel good and are not required to drastically alter your lifestyle unless you wish to. This protocol also ensures that your body is able to handle the often significant strain on the system as the contents of fat cells are released to be flushed out.

Our Weight & Detox Protocol

The VIVA Weight & Detox Protocol, our signature blend of services and products may use tirzepatide or semaglutide as a component of the weight change aspect.

  • You will receive the protocol through weekly injections. These include both the drug and our unique blend of other supportive items (two other IM injections and other oral supplements)
  • Expect consistent, sustained results over time. The weight does release with time, though your NP may start with a quite small dose while your body adjusts so expect a bit of uptick time.
  • Anti-nausea support is automatic. VIVA Wellness and your dedicated NP make the experience easier by automatically prescribing anti-nausea relief medications and supplements that support metabolic health and detoxification pathways.
  • You'll have a dedicated Nurse Practitioner. Our staff of NPs guide you with customized dosing changes, no complicated pricing structure, and years of experience. Through our weekly support, we will make adjustments based on real-time feedback from your body and from your mental, emotional, and lifestyle experience. Your plan is tailored to YOU and your individual body.

May Be Prescribed for Those With Type 2 Diabetes

As Mounjaro (the brand name of Tirzepatide), it is FDA- approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, but it is being fast-tracked by the FDA for weight-loss and obesity because of its safety and efficacy. This means insurance will only cover Mounjaro for those with documented type 2 diabetes at this time, but thankfully, our office works with compounding pharmacies to bring our clients access to Tirzepatide (Mounjaro in the generic form). 

If you aren't diabetic, but would benefit from Tirzepatide for weight management, which would be determined through consultation with our Nurse Practitioners, we can still explore this option with you. If you are a type 2 diabetic (A1c 6.5 or higher and you have insurance), we can prescribe Mounjaro to you.

Ask us about our VIVA Weight & Detox Protocol, which may catalyze a profound jump start through our other services: colonics, sauna, lymphatic drainage, and cavitation. Supporting the whole system means the drug is tolerated even more easily and the results are amplified. **This is of course not always the case and there is no “typical” results guarantee.**Be in touch with our Nurse Practitioners to get your name on the list for tirzepatide or to start now with semaglutide assuming we confirm you are a suitable candidate! Book your consultation, and let’s get going creating the protocol that’s right for your current level of health, the unique factors that make you you—past, present and future you!

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