Arianne Brown

VIVA Wellness Registered Nurse. Arianne supports clients overall health and wellness by administering IV Vitamin Infusions and IM Injections.


Registered Nurse

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Registered Nurse. Nutritional & Holistic Health Lover. Family gal.

As an avid learner, Arianne found her niche and kept exploring it—earning both a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Kansas State University and another Bachelor's in Nursing from Milwaukee School of Engineering. After graduating in 2007 and starting her nursing career in Adult Cardiac, she quickly transitioned to the Neonatal ICU, where she’s been since 2008. In 2019, she also became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, which means using and understanding your body’s own unique needs and genius in order to help address any concerns or optimize your health.

At VIVA Wellness, you’ll likely see Arianne starting IVs, giving IM injections, helping with weight loss clients or offering up nutritional advice. She also loves to treat the VIVA team to adrenal cocktails and adaptogenic tinctures to support energy throughout the day—VIVA’s very own alchemist!

“Those that experience the greatest health transformations are those that tap into several of the services we offer.”

Arianne is a proponent of holistic health, meaning the understanding that everything works synergistically together—for this reason, she feels that all of the services offered at VIVA Wellness are helpful and supportive of health goals, drainage pathways and helping you to feel your very best, which is really important this day in age.

On that note, Arianne is quick to also remind of the simple things that she suggests her clients, and all humans, attend to between services at VIVA Wellness or otherwise, stressing the importance of sleep, movement, sunlight, stress mitigation, hydration and a nutrient dense, whole foods diet. To truly experience transformation, you can’t work on one and neglect the others.

We love having such a dynamic individual on our team. Arianne is a die hard Tracy Anderson fan, listens to almost any music (but leans mostly towards country), and she loves photography. After her high school days spent in the dark room, she enrolled at the Art Institute of Colorado—while she made a last minute decision to take the “safer” path towards a career in healthcare, she has an eye for getting a great shot!

Living in integrity is key for Arianne, which is part of why she’s such a grounded presence that VIVA Wellness is lucky to have on the team! She feels family should always be at the heart of everything she does, and family also means furry friends—she has two French Bulldogs who are her everything, Lyla Bird and Lou Bug.

Follow along at @ariannemke for her adaptogenic cocktail recipes, bulldog cuddles, and all things functional nutrition.

Arianne Brown, RN - BSN, FNTP

IV Vitamin Infusions / IM Vitamin Injections

Arianne received her BSN from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2007 and most recently became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She wears a lot of hats at VIVA Wellness, so you’ll likely see her for IVs and IM Injections, as extra support with your weight loss protocol, or in her Nutritional Counseling programs! She’s a food/nutrition alchemist, photographer, and dog-lover.

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