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At VIVA Wellness, our goal is to provide excellent care that goes beyond medical weight loss and wellness services. We want our clients to have access and knowledge to an array of trusted medical, health, and wellness providers.

Our Trusted Resources

We've worked directly with them & they are amazing! 

  • American Behavioral Clinics | Milwaukee, WI

    American Behavioral Clinics

    Full spectrum mental health treatment. Leaders in psychiatric care, medication management, therapy services, and other non-medication related treatments for depression and anxiety. They are the BEST in delivering comprehensive and kind mental health care!

  • Lakeside Natural Medicine

    Lakeside Natural Medicine

    Founded in 2011, Lakeside Natural Medicine is a Shorewood-based naturopathic medicine clinic comprised of three Naturopathic Doctors (ND) trained to provide health and wellness services for the whole family. Lakeside’s NDs empower patients to take control of their health by identifying and addressing the root cause of disease using natural therapies. They help people facing a multitude of health conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, obesity, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal disorders, thyroid conditions, and chronic fatigue.

  • Ketamin Milwaukee

    Ketamine Milwaukee

    An excellent and effective alternative treatment option for depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and Severe PostPartum Depression. They also have a very caring team of professionals.

  • Envision ADHD

    Envision ADHD Clinic

    Milwaukee's ONLY specialty mental health practice focusing on treatment options for ADHD. This practice is geared towards the busy professional who wants a comprehensive approach to treating ADHD, and convenient, time-efficient visits. Dr. Jacob Behrens offers treatment options including: medication management, nutritional, supplement, and other mindfulness strategies all geared towards improving ADHD.

  • JIR Psychiatry

    JIR Psychiatry, LLC

    Nurse practitioner, independent, AND woman-owned mental health clinic. Jessica Ramintho is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner specializing in treating adults with mental health care needs. Her style is laid back and compassionate.

  • Connected-Healing

    Connected Healing Acupuncture

    Woman-owned acupuncture practice also specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal medicine. She is FANTASTIC, and aims to not only heal your symptoms, but treat the root cause! She offers solutions for women and children that Western Medicine doesn't have answers for

  • MD Custom Rx


    Phenomenal compounding pharmacy that offers safe, quality, and trusted custom-made, creative and innovative pharmaceutical solutions. We use them ALL the time!

  • Your Soul Warrior

    Your Soul Warrior

    Meena Zia is a spiritual life and business coach. She specializes in personal and professional growth geared towards spirituality, unlocking your true potential, and understanding ourselves on a very deep level. If you are curious about topics such as consciousness and spirituality, then you need to head on over to Instagram to check her out! She is a published author and just launched her own membership site that helps business owners, or anyone looking to learn effective strategies to tap into their inner potential. And we know she is the best because she is our business coach!

  • Serenity Health Care Center

    Serenity Health Care Center

    Offering integrative medical services and treatment for an array of chronic (and often mysterious) diseases and conditions. They are leaders in Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses.

  • Clara-Healing

    Clara Healing Institute

    CLARA Healing Institute offers a holistic, multi-faceted approach to mental health and wellness in Wauwatosa, WI.

  • Hillary-Couseling

    Hillary Counseling

    Hillary Counseling is a Milwaukee-based private practice that offers psychotherapy to individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, low self-esteem, life transitions, personal growth, relationship issues and identity development.

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