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At VIVA Wellness our mission is to help you create the best version of yourself by taking an integrative and functional approach to health and wellness. We strive to get to the root cause of health issues instead of symptom management alone.

The VIVA Wellness Story

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Our owner and founder, Jennifer Hruz, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, went through her own personal wellness journey by losing over 100 lbs herself! Read more about Jennifer's story. VIVA Wellness began offering wellness services with a highlight on custom weight loss programs. But we offer so much more to help our clients achieve the best in health and wellness.

Weight Loss

Through her own journey, Jennifer realized that the biggest struggle in losing weight is not a physical struggle, rather a mental struggle. In 2018 VIVA Wellness partnered with  American Behavioral Clinics (ABC) in Milwaukee, WI. ABC is a medical clinic specializing in mental health and psychiatry. Led by a team of experienced mental health professionals, ABC is a leader in psychiatric treatments in the Milwaukee area. While not all patients require the services of both ABC and VIVA Wellness, this unique partnership, allows us to work together with ABC to support our mutual patients both physically and mentally to their wellness goals.

Expanded Wellness Services

In 2020 we added to our staff and brought on exciting new wellness services, including Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, and Body Contouring. We also expanded our IV Vitamin Infusions and IM Vitamin Injections packages and installed a brand new Infrared Sauna.

No matter what your wellness goal is, you can start with a one-on-one consultation with nurse practitioner and founder Jennifer Hruz FNP-BC, APNP. Jennifer will discuss your main concerns, medical history, and any medications or physical limitations you may have. Then together we’ll develop and plan your wellness journey.

If you would like to get started on your path to wellness success, schedule a consultation today.

Jennifer Hruz

Founder, Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Hruz FNP-BC, APNP is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and founder of VIVA Wellness. She specializes in comprehensive and individualized medical weight loss, non-narcotic pain management strategies and other wellness services.

Denise Kuhaupt

Nurse Practitioner

Denise Kuhaupt, FNP-BC, APNP is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She supports VIVA Wellness clients on their journey toward wellness in achieving weight loss goals.

Jodi Dreier

Nurse Practitioner

Jodi Dreier, FNP-BC, APNP is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She supports VIVA Wellness clients on their journey toward wellness in achieving weight loss goals.

Laura French

I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Gut Health Specialist and certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Laura French, knows firsthand what a difference colonics can make to a person's overall health and wellness.

Esmeralda Choate

Lymphatic Drainage Specialist / IV Nurse

With five years of experience in ICU, Surgery & Cath Lab, Esmeralda draws on her expertise in patient care for Lymphatic Drainage Treatment services.


Arianne Brown

Registered Nurse


Simeen Hakenson

Front Desk & Customer Support


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We've Been Told We're Pretty Awesome

Rave reviews from our clients.

"Jen is passionate and devoted to her clients. Patient center care is her number one goal and she will be a great provider to work with no matter what type of transformation you want to make to yourself. She is a very competent and caring provider. I highly recommend her!"

Vicki Ikciv

"As another healthcare professional, I understand what it takes to be effective. Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Hruz of #VivaWellness has the knowledge, passion, drive, and high standards needed to perform and deliver the best!"

Kevin Shoemake

"Professional and knowledgeable, Jennifer truly listens to get a full understanding of your concerns and offers multiple solutions. It was a pleasure to get a reasonable treatment that relieved my concern."

Viki Phillips

"Jennifer Hruz should be the model for all Health Care Providers. She is very warm and compassionate. Her explanations and directions are very practical and personalized. Her knowledge seems boundless. A true credit to her profession."

David Hilbert

"Caring, compassionate and professional. I learn something new every time I meet with Jennifer."

"Jennifer is great at listening and understanding what concerns you have. Great at making sure everything is working right in regards to treatments. Always makes time for you. She really shows you she wants this to work for you as much as you do, if not more. Great FNP."

Lizbeth Negron

"I am excited to work with Viva Wellness. Jennifer Hruz is a very open and compassionate caregiver and I have a lot to learn from her and am looking forward to getting my daughter healthy with her help."

Darnelle Kaishian

"Jennifer Hruz is a true gift to your organization. So knowledgeable, so nicely able to explain everything and thoroughly answer all questions, so friendly and caring."

"Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Hruz is responsive and concerned provider willing to think beyond the most basic solutions."

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