Esmeralda Choate

VIVA Wellness Registered Nurse, Certified Body Contouring Specialist, Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Esmeralda Choate, helps clients focus on wellness and healing.


Registered Nurse, Cavitation & Adv. Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

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After 6 years as a Registered Nurse, I left the hospital setting to join VIVA Wellness. I am a Lymphatic Drainage Specialist who offers post-surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Cavitation. I also provide IV Infusions and IM Injections, often in combination with those other treatments!

I was a VIVA Wellness client first, but I'm proud to be part of this amazing team!

I found VIVA through my own struggles with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This lead me to colonics, which are an incredible tool not only for those with struggles but those looking to optimize their health. I also love the IV Infusion options we offer. Before any trip or big event, I get either the Immunity Drip pr Better Belly Drip—it's my secret weapon for staying healthy.

My game-changing health hack is liver detox.

The more you learn about health, the more you realize how digestion and detox are so intertwined. So my number one hack right now is doing castor oil wraps to detox my liver. I do this almost every night, and it's seriously a game changer since your liver gets rid of excess proteins built up from weight loss, surgery or basically any traumatic event that has happened with your body. My bloat and constipation have decreased dramatically, and my sleep is deep and restorative. It’s a win win for me! Message me on Instagram if you want tips on how to do it.

I’m so excited to be working with VIVA Wellness to provide post-op surgery lymphatic services.

I love that I am able to use my nursing expertise and combine it with the power of lymphatic drainage for our clients. It allows me to help people toward wellness and healing as opposed to just seeing them when they have surgery and sending them on their way.

Esmeralda Choate, RN BSN, MLD-C

Registered Nurse / Body Cavitation Specialist / Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

Esmeralda received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2016 from Herzing University and her certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapies Vodders Method and Post Plastic Surgery Procedure in 2022. She has 5 years of experience in ICU and, Surgery & Cath Lab at a Milwaukee-area Hospital. As a first-generation Mexican-American, Esmeralda is fluent in Spanish. Her parents were born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. Her favorite unwind routine is snuggling on the couch with her pups: Rue, Nala, and Simba. She loves taking long walks with her husband and pups, working out at the gym, and shopping her favorite stores.

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