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We often get asked questions about Cavitation Body Contouring. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, benefits, what you can expect during a session. Here are a few of the more common questions and answers to get you started.

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Cavitation FAQs

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Cavitation is Ultrasound technology that penetrates an inch down into the skin to collapse fat cells. When you’re born you have all the fat cells that you’ll have (in most cases)—they just grow and shrink as the contents fill and deflate based on energy needs, toxic load, function of other body processes, hormones, etc.

The vibration delivered through the cavitation handle vibrates the fat cells in such a way that it essentially collapses them, like a water balloon or a grape, and the contents of the fat cells become liquified and leave the empty, though intact, fat cell.

We use the lymphatic vacuum RF handles to move the contents that have been evacuated out of the cells a bit more aggressively through the body’s detox pathway. Lymphatic drainage treatments will help facilitate the lymphatic fluid’s movement, unblock potential obstructions, and move toxins to the proper channels for elimination. By moving the fat in this way, it is picked up to be flushed through.

It’s also for this reason that on the day of your treatment, prior, and for 3 days after, you’ll have a specific set of instructions to ensure that you continue to facilitate the flushing of this fat and create a physical chemistry that is supportive of the results you’re seeking. This means low fat, low carb/sugar, no alcohol, minimal caffeine, and in general, a bit lower calorie so that the body can focus on this clean up vs. digesting and refilling energy stores. Your specialist will arm you with loads of instructions on how specifically, especially if you are under a unique nutrition plan, to adjust your eating.

Now that we’ve just squashed your fat cells and the fat tissue is immediately taking up less space, the skin may appear slightly loose. While the lymphatic treatment will address some of this, RF Skin Tightening works amazing with cavitation treatments to stimulate the epidermis. The heat sensation stimulates elastin and collagen over time.

RF Skin Tightening can only be done once every 14 days, so based on your series schedule, your specialist may use creative timing to make sure that you receive the services in a way that is both effective for and healthy on your body! Your specialist will rotate the RF treatments, so that you don’t have to come back more frequently—that said, we encourage you to come back often and pair these visits with sauna or other services, so again, communicate your goals and circumstances with the specialist and we can dream up a protocol as thorough or “lite” as suits you.

You absolutely do not need to be the one on top of the schedule. At your consultation, based on your goals, schedule, and budget, your specialist will help you outline when each cavitation and RF treatment will take place. This schedule will live in your client notes, so anyone at VIVA Wellness will be able to see where you are in the scheduling should you need to adjust the proposed plan.

This is fairly permanent. We say “fairly” because if you were to suddenly have a large change in your diet or level of activity (moving or eating), such as you went from normal to sedentary, you may find that the fat cells will refill. Fat is literally stored energy that the body did not use, so if this becomes out of balance, that’s just nature being nature—this is your body doing its job. 

Other than being an absolutely amazing thing for your overall well being, time in the Infrared Sauna after cavitation supports the detox of the fat from your body. Once the fat is released, the last thing we want is for it to not be able to be ushered out of the system and for it to land right back in the cells it moved from.

Because fat cells contain more than just fat, releasing the contents which include toxins can put the body into shock. We don’t necessarily know the toxic strain that your body is under or how easily your detox pathways will be able to process the toxins, so we make sure that we handle this in increments that is safe on the body to work through.

We also suggest pairing this with other detox products and protocols, including our Better Belly IV, the Glow Up IV, the Metabolism Booster IM Injection, the Glutathione "master detoxifier” injection or IV, as well as other detox products that your specialist can share with you.

A lot! We've seen great work on some body types without using cavitation as a “lymphatic spot treatment tightening” by pairing lymphatic drainage treatments with the RF Skin Tightening. Truly, we can create protocols for most scenarios, so instead of trying to understand how to create your goals by reading our menus, please schedule a consultation and let’s dream together!

Yes! Anything that will facilitate detox and support your liver would be helpful for the process. We offer a number of supplements in-clinic (liquid chlorophyll and other liver and lymphatic detox products) as well as suggest either glutathione or Metabolism Booster IM Injections. Pairing this at the time of, or anytime before / during / after the process, with a Better Belly or Glow Up IV drip would also be supportive.

We also suggest that you work on your digestion, so if that’s not moving optimally, talk to us about Colon Hydrotherapy. To really give the liver some TLC, we love castor oil packs! Be sure to choose clean, organic Castor Oil (we carry this in the clinic).

Maybe! Let’s assess at a consult. Know that cellulite is more of a skin & fascia issue than a fat issue necessarily, so RF skin tightening will target cellulite better than the cavitation! Doing them together is the best approach for cellulite and fat loss.

Yes—since cavitation serves as a powerful detoxificant. If you have symptoms of other toxicity-related concerns, and of course discuss with medical professionals (whether that’s within VIVA Wellness or a care team outside of our clinic), cavitation may help you reduce your overall toxic load. Every body will react differently to the release of toxins, so of course we’d need to ensure that we agree this is a great course, but generally speaking, cavitation can be a strong catalyst for detox.

Cavitation is a safer option than those other services due to the fact that we are not removing or killing fat cells, we are simply emptying them. Because the body will need to compensate for the sudden loss of these cells, this can cause lumping, damage, fat deposits, and overall confusion throughout the body. Additionally, cavitation is low risk, painless, and has no downtime, unlike the other two. Also, cavitation can actually correct the irregular fat deposits and lumping that can result from these other services.

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