Vacuum Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

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Revitalize your lymphatic system and experience a transformation in your overall well-being. Our Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage technique combines cutting-edge technology with therapeutic methods to flush out toxins and excess fluid, paving the way for a host of benefits.

Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

This machine-assisted lymphatic drainage technique with vacuum radiofrequency helps to improve the health of your lymphatic system. This technique helps flush excess fluid and toxins from your tissues and move it to your lymphatic system, one of our main drainage pathways. The results are a leaner look, reduction in bloating or swelling, improvement in skin tone, improved mood, and increased metabolism.

Each Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage session is 60 minutes. Your therapist will perform a combination of dry brushing and use a machine to help move fluid to the lymphatic system for drainage. She may also use other special sculpting tools to help your lymphatic system work more effectively.

What Happens During a Treatment?

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment can be performed as a single session. More frequent sessions may be recommended for best results. You can receive a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment once a week. Maintenance is typically done once a month.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment helps move fluid within the lymphatic system and reduces puffiness, bloating, helps boost immune function and general health, by reducing toxins within the body, helps metabolism, and other cellular rejuvenating effects.

To learn more read our article, Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Benefits or contact us.


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Vacuum RF

One Session

60 Minute Session

Session w/Manual Face Add-on

60 Minute Session plus additional 15 Minute MLD for the face.



Vacuum RF Packages

3 Sessions
$495 $450

Save $45 by purchasing 3 sessions!
3 - One Hour Sessions

$495 $450
6 Sessions
$990 $810

Save $180 by purchasing 6 sessions!
6 - One Hour Sessions

$990 $810

All purchases are paid in full at the time of booking. No refunds or transfers. We will happily reschedule your appointment if you contact us with 48hrs notice. Anything rescheduled within a 48hr window will result in the session being forfeited, and you will be charged the full amount. Additional information about our missed visit/cancellation policy.

A Pathway to Radiant Health

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Discover the key to a leaner appearance, reduced bloating, increased metabolism and improved mood and skin tone through our 60-minute sessions. Here's what awaits you:

Fluid Dynamics

Unlock the secrets of fluid movement. Your therapist employs a blend of dry brushing and machine-assisted techniques to guide excess fluid to your lymphatic system.

Sculpting Tools

Fine-tuning your lymphatic flow. Special sculpting tools enhance the effectiveness of your lymphatic system, ensuring optimal drainage.

Cellulite Banishment

Targeting stubborn areas. Vacuum RF Therapy takes on dimpled fat, particularly in trouble spots like thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach, and arms.

The Science Behind Vacuum RF Therapy

Uncover the mechanics of our therapy system, where suction, pressure, and Radio Frequency energies converge to deliver remarkable results:

Cellulite Liberation

Breaking the cellulite barrier. The vacuum lifts cellulite away, promoting blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and enhancing the impact of massage or exercise.

Scientific Precision

Certified efficacy. Our noninvasive therapy system is a reliable and researched solution for cellulite reduction, localized fat elimination, and body reshaping.

Collagen Revival

Elasticity and resilience. Radio Frequency energies penetrate deep, softening connective tissue and boosting collagen production. Witness a tighter, more youthful skin appearance.

More About Vacuum RF


  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Toning
  • Body Contouring
  • Stimulation of Circulation
  • Scar and Stretch Mark Flattening
  • Swelling Reduction
  • Anti-Aging
  • Aids in the Treatment of Scars, Burns, and Swelling

Recommended for:

  • Reducing excess fat deposits in hips, thighs and buttocks
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Relaxing muscle tension
  • Increased lymph circulation
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Improved skin tightness, firmness and elasticity
  • Prevention of cellulite by inhibiting fat storage

Embrace the Transformation

Join countless others who have experienced a localized reduction in skin laxity, increased dermal volume, and improved skin texture and structure. Elevate your well-being with our Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage Sessions – where beauty meets science.

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