Emily Schulte

VIVA Wellness Registered Nurse

Emily is a passionate registered nurse who believes nursing is a true art form. Her journey has been one of self-discovery, following her heart's calling to help others love themselves again through the power of wellness.


Registered Nurse


Emily's own health odyssey inspired her to join the VIVA Wellness team, where she guides clients on transformative medical weight loss journeys. "The ability to empower people to embrace their authentic selves is something so pure and important," she says. "I'm grateful to play a role in helping others feel vibrant, confident and whole."

When she's not nursing, this homegrown Wisconsinite loves spending time with her English cream retriever Rocky, cooking up nutritious feasts, and exploring new culinary flavors as an avowed foodie. Emily also treasures moments with her beloved nieces and nephew, who she calls "my whole world."

Fun facts about Emily:

  • Born and raised in SE Wisconsin
  • Rocked the bald baby look until age 2 before her luscious locks came in
  • The proud recipient of 2 Daisy Awards for exceptional nursing
  • Studied healthcare in Greece during her college days
  • Is getting married to her soulmate in July 2025!
  • Prefers cozy nights in to nights out on the town
  • Would have pursued culinary school if not for nursing

With her warmth, compassion and wellness wisdom, Emily is a true guiding light for VIVA Wellness clients. She lives and breathes the clinic's philosophy of embracing life to the fullest from the inside out.

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