Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage is highly recommended for people trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy, and after delivery. Your journey is important to us and wherever you are, we are sensitive and understanding to your ongoing change.


Welcome to the VIVA Wellness Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Experience!

Step into a realm of relaxation and well-being curated exclusively for our expectant mothers. Tailored to the unique needs of pregnancy, our specialized Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage massage provides comfort and relief during this special time and aims to elevate your journey to motherhood**.

Performed by Jordan, RN, a former Labor and Delivery nurse, this gentle massage technique encourages lymph flow to problem areas common in pregnancy. With Jordan, safety is paramount. She is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), and you can trust that you are in expert hands throughout your session.

**Lymphatic Drainage Massage is highly recommended for those trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and post-delivery.



Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage

One Session

60 Minute Session


All purchases are paid in full at the time of booking. No refunds or transfers. We will happily reschedule your appointment if you contact us with 48hrs notice. Anything rescheduled within a 48hr window will result in the session being forfeited, and you will be charged the full amount. Additional information about our missed visit/cancellation policy.

Seeking Relief from Discomforts?


Many pregnant women experience swelling, back pain, sciatic pain, and other issues. Lymphatic drainage massage gently encourages healthy lymph flow to relieve fluid buildup and discomfort in a safe, nurturing environment.

Customized Comfort

Our commitment to your evolving journey is underscored by our sensitivity and understanding of the changes your body undergoes. Jordan customizes each Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage session based on how far along you are and any specific areas of concern. Her specialized training and experience providing care to new moms ensures an intuitive, compassionate approach.

Benefits May Include:

  • Reduced fluid retention and swelling in hands, face, and feet
  • Relief from back, sciatic, neck and shoulder pain
  • Healthier lymph flow and immune function
  • Stimulation of lactation and breast health
  • Improved appearance of varicose veins, cellulite, and stretch marks
  • Supports Postpartum Recovery

Focus on Healthy Pregnancies

For your safety and comfort, we only perform lymphatic drainage massage during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of healthy pregnancies. Our service is designed for healthy pregnancies without complications such as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. Please consult your provider before booking.

Pamper Yourself and Baby

Pregnancy is such an exciting and transformative time! Our soothing Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage massage allows you to relax and focus on this new life while addressing pregnancy discomforts.

Experience the epitome of prenatal care, where serenity meets expertise, and your journey to motherhood is elevated to new heights. Schedule a session today for some well-deserved self-care!

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