Medical Weight Loss Key to Success: VIVA Wellness Support

Support is an Important Factor in a Medical Weight Loss Program

“I struggled with weight loss my whole life,” says Amy Tomlinson of Milwaukee, “I tried all the diets and weight loss programs out there. But none of those programs worked for me.”

Amy isn’t alone. At VIVA Wellness we hear this every day. The truth is, almost every diet, exercise, weight loss plan out there does have some success, with some people. The “trick” to losing weight and keeping it off long-term is finding the one which works for you.

For Amy, a medical weight loss program with VIVA Wellness works.

Busy, Single Mom Who Travels For Work Can Lose Weight

As a single mom with two teenage daughters, Amy is busy! On top of that, she has a job that sees her traveling 60-70% of the time. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it is hard to stick to any diet or program when you are home every day and can control your own food and environment. But losing weight can be almost impossible while traveling.

Last April, Amy admits she was both physically and emotionally exhausted, “Life was difficult, busy, and stressful, and l lost my way. I was miserable and I knew only I could change that, but I needed help.” That’s when Amy saw the Facebook post of a friend who had lost weight with VIVA Wellness Clinic in Milwaukee. She had tried all the diet and exercise programs, but hadn’t tried a medical weight loss plan. She clicked on the link and visited the VIVA Wellness website. Within minutes Amy requested a consultation to get started.

VIVA Wellness Clinic Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Hruz, met with Amy and created a plan that would work with Amy’s busy lifestyle. She prescribed an initial 12-week program that included weekly hormone injections along with Phentermine to suppress appetite and kick-start the weight loss. B12/lipotropic injections to enhance and support fat-burning efforts. Jennifer also provided nutritional counseling to help Amy understand the hormone weight loss therapy diet and protocol.

Medical Weight Loss Success Patient VIVA Wellness | Milwaukee, WI ClinicIn the first 40 days Amy lost 20 pounds. In less than nine months she has lost 48 pounds total. Meeting with Jennifer each week helped her stay on track and work through her challenges. Not only did the regular meetings keep her accountable, but Jennifer helped her learn what foods triggered her body to retain weight. “I found out that dairy was something my body held onto. Cheese, yogurt, etc. Now I am able to limit those and still lose weight.”

“It was hard at first,” Amy says, but she viewed the plan as an investment in her health and happiness. “I treated it like I had to have success; I had to maintain my focus.” Amy’s biggest challenge was the travel. Each week she was in a different state, different city, different hotel and restaurants. Jennifer helped her learn how to stay on the plan while traveling. Now Amy takes a little time to do research prior to leaving home. She tries to find hotels with a Whole Foods store nearby. She books rooms with a mini refrigerator in the room. She packs her own snacks that she can travel with.

Amy now meets with Jennifer once a month. She would still like to lose a few more pounds, but she isn’t stressed about it. She knows it will come off soon. Her philosophy to losing the weight is similar to what it’s always been. “It’s a mindset that needs constant reassurance, motivation and support. The ‘diet’ helps, the vitamins help, but it’s truly about finding the RIGHT person to guide you. I found Jennifer and VIVA Wellness Clinic—she can change your life.”

VIVA Wellness Clinic Medical Weight Loss Patient Support

There are other clinics and programs with support staff. Amy tried others before coming VIVA Wellness Clinic. She felt like a number and wasn’t able to get the personalized support she needed. “Jennifer doesn’t pressure her clients. She doesn’t try to sell you products you don’t need. She educates and coaches. Her only goal is to help me be healthy and happy.”

Thrilled by her own success, Amy shared her own success story with friends on Facebook. She wanted people know how much working with Jennifer and VIVA Wellness Clinic helped her:

“I can say with ABSOLUTE certainty if you’re ready, she WILL help you change your lifestyle, lose weight, and just be a more confident you. Cheers to 2020 y’all…I’m headed there as the best version of me and I couldn’t be more excited for a new year.

It’s a journey and I’ve tried MANY different diets. For the first time in my life I can confidently say, Jennifer helped me figure out what I needed to do to live a better lifestyle and maintain it. As the cliché goes, life is short, and certainly not easy, but making changes to ensure you’re tackling it with your best self makes all the difference.”

We congratulate Amy on her amazing spirit and continued success!Medical Weight Loss Success Patient VIVA Wellness | Milwaukee, WI Clinic

If you are looking for a medical weight loss program with lots of support, contact VIVA Wellness today for a consultation.

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