VIVA Wellness Adds Two Nurse Practitioners to Staff

We’re adding to the VIVA Wellness Team!

To say we’re growing the team is a bit of an understatement. Our Founder and Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Hruz, will be taking a little time off in the coming weeks to welcome her new baby. So we’ve added two new Nurse Practitioners to fill in for her while she’s out. Rachel Betthauser and Lindsay Holzhauer will work with our Medical Weight Loss clients.

Please join us in welcoming them both the to team.

Rachel Betthauser, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

As a nurse for more than 10 years, Rachel Betthauser has been primarily working with patients in critical care/intensive care unit and later-stage heart disease. Most recently she has worked with individuals experiencing heart failure and heart transplant. Heart disease is one that is very often preventable. And for this reason, Rachel wanted to find ways to help patients earlier in the process. Being able to help people learn to have a healthier relationship with food and to make healthier lifestyle choices is very rewarding to her.

Like our founder, Jennifer, Rachel too has had a life-long struggle with weight. She tried weight loss programs and clinics, but when she came to VIVA Wellness she knew she was in the right place. “At VIVA Wellness, we take a different approach. We help our clients focus on health goals,” says Rachel. “We take a comprehensive approach to wellness, as opposed to prescribing restrictive diets and medications. We help people develop a healthy relationship with food.”

Rachel will be joining VIVA Wellness as a part time nurse practitioner supporting Jennifer’s clients on their weight loss journey.

Lindsay Holzhauer, RN, MSN, NP

A family nurse practitioner with Ketamine Milwaukee, helping patients with treatment-resistant depression, Lindsay Holzhauer has seen a variety of individuals with weight and pain management challenges. Lindsay’s personal interests lie in healthy living and disease prevention, so she’s excited to share her knowledge and experience with VIVA Wellness clients.

Lindsay worked in a weight loss clinic before, but prefers the the healthy and holistic approach we take at VIVA Wellness. “VIVA Wellness has so many things to offer clients,” says Lindsay. “Not only can we sit down with clients to determine the best approach to wellness that fits their lifestyle. But we can also offer Colonics, Body Contouring, Vitamin Infusions, Infrared Sauna, and more as a complement to our clients’ unique plan.”

Lindsay also joins VIVA Wellness part time in July to support Jennifer’s clients continue their weight loss and wellness program.



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