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We’re incredibly dedicated to offering a careful curation of retail items in-clinic at VIVA Wellness, but there are some items that just make the most sense for us to point you to through other }outlets for the best cost and the most convenience.

Our team loves and supports as many small & local businesses as we can, but we also recognize that many of those small businesses are using avenues such as Amazon to have ease of distribution. We also know that saving time & money means a lot to you, so we’ve put together some of our favorite products to help make your shipping easy. The products shared below are affiliate links, and we may earn a commission from your click and purchase.

Pro-tip for many of these items: subscribe! Not only will you save a fair amount, you won’t find yourself short-handed when you need them the most


Electrolytes without sugar are an incredible way to stay hydrated and replace other sweet drink habits. Keep LMNT Keto Electrolyte Powder Packets with you at all times, especially during the summer when dehydration can catch up to you quickly. There are loads of delicious flavors, but raspberry and lime seem to be the most universally pleasing.

Tea organic: peppermint, nettle, dandelion root, chamomile:

Literally spice up your water or sparkling water with a splash or more of ginger juice. We love pairing with lime juice in sparkling water for an all-day mocktail. The gut loves ginger, especially if you’re struggling with any sort of nausea.

We know you’re taking care of what you’re eating, but are you also making sure that your water is high quality? This means first, a solid filter. Not to scare you, but if you test your water there is a really high chance that it’s loaded with toxins and heavy metals. Now this is going to be an investment, but if you’re investing everywhere else but here, this could be a missing piece in your puzzle. We love the Berkey System.

Now that it’s filtered, add back in the good stuff with this blend of 72+ trace minerals: 90% of Americans have mineral deficiencies, so starting to add this back in begins to replenish. This is especially helpful if you feel like you’re drinking lots of water but are still constantly thirsty. If the quality of your water is low, you’re not really hydrating at the fullest potential.

Then, after you’ve filtered your water, make it sparkle! All water is good for you, adding a little of that fizz once in a while can make drinking water fun. Plus, when you make your own sparkling water with a soda streaming machine for carbonating, you can avoid potential contaminants—like that added “natural” flavoring (which can include hidden sugars or chemicals). And you can even reduce your carbon footprint by using fewer plastics that tend to end up in landfills and oceans. We call that a win, win, WIN!


Simply put, don’t run out of you know what! Subscribe to your TP and never think about it again.

Toothpaste — Natural toothpaste that is whitening, nontoxic, and suggested by many biological dentists.

Squatty potty — this is an easy way to elevate your feet while you’re pooping! Our colon can evacuate easier when our knees are higher.

Essential Oil Diffuser — Stop in for our carefully curated collection of locally-made essential oils.

Gua sha & other lymphatic tools are incredibly helpful for continuing to keep lymphatic system supported between your Lymphatic Drainage Treatments.


Sometimes it’s hard to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to thrive, especially if you are on a special or restricted diet. We often look for healthy ways to add those nutrients back into our diet without adding a lot of extra calories. A few of the products you’ll find us adding to our daily meals are:


While that could mean a lot of things, in this case, we mean learning. These are a few of the “brain feeding” books we have had our noses in lately.

Some of the easiest ways to fall off the wellness routines you’ve started is simply due to not having prepared adequately and not having the supplies you need to be successful. Use the tools at your disposal that are designed to keep you well-resourced and progressing toward your goals. If there are products that you’re still looking for guidance around—ask! Our team is happy to make a recommendation.

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