Welcome to Our New Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

Welcome Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Esmeralda!

We’re excited to announce the newest VIVA Wellness employee, RN and lymphatic drainage specialist, Esmeralda! Esmeralda joins us with 5 years of experience in ICU, Surgery & Cath Lab at the Milwaukee VA Hospital, bringing her expertise and cool under pressure demeanor. She recently received her certifications in both manual and machine lymphatic drainage therapies—one of the fastest-growing services in the wellness industry!

Esmeralda found VIVA Wellness through her own healing journey. She had been experiencing some digestive issues and though felt a bit counter to her own background in nursing and traditional western medicine, she trusted her instincts and explored a more integrated approach to healing. Her healing began by calling on experts from multiple fields and focusing on a multi-pronged self-exploration that included emotional and spiritual health, too, as well as colonics (with Laura one of the VIVA Wellness Colon Hydrotherapists).

When Esmeralda learned we were hiring additional registered nurses to administer IV Vitamin Infusions part-time, it was a great fit for both of us. We’re so happy she chose us! Once onboard, the wheels started turning about what this might mean for her career, and after a few months, she realized that she was being called in a new direction. Getting certified in Lymphatic Drainage Treatments was a natural addition to her wealth of knowledge and experience.

To say Esmeralda is passionate about the lymphatic system is an understatement. When you get her talking on the subject, she flows—just a body’s healthy lymphatic system. We recently sat down with her to talk about Lymphatic Drainage Treatment and the other services she brings to VIVA Wellness.

Why Would You Want a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?

When asked this question, Esmeralda was quick to share that the lymphatic system might be one of the more underrated systems in the human body. You can learn more here on our Lymphatic Drainage Treatment services page, but the gist is this: the lymphatic system in our body works as the filter for all of the waste products, toxins, and mutant cells that leave the bloodstream. When the lymphatic system is functioning properly, it filters and helps to detox the body quite efficiently. This allows us to maintain good health and wellness.

Because the lymphatic system has no “pump” of its own (like the heart in the circulatory system), it requires regular muscle movement and physical activity to work properly. When we are inactive, our lymphatic system can become a little sluggish and the body may store waste and toxins first in the lymph nodes, then in other parts of the body. If too many toxins are stored in the body it can cause a whole host of health issues.

Esmeralda was shocked when she first began her lymphatic drainage certification training, realizing that her nursing education didn’t really touch on a system that performs so many VITAL functions. The lymphatic system interchanges with the circulatory system—it will clean 2-4 Liters of blood daily. So if that’s not happening because the lymphatic system is blocked or working to heal an infection, that causes extra work for the body to get done OR perhaps it won’t get done at all.

While everyone benefits from lymphatic drainage treatment, you might specifically seek this treatment if you’ve recently experienced any sort of trauma (pre/post-surgery or injury), have been exposed to toxins or high radiation, or are making a transition to a healthier lifestyle. Lymphatic drainage treatment is great for kickstarting any wellness efforts.

Besides the health benefits, it also gives your mid-section a pretty incredible “snatched” look, which will generally last 2-4 days. (See below for tips on getting the most of your lymphatic drainage treatment and perhaps extending that tight/toned look and feel.) You can also read our recent blog article Can Lymphatic Drainage Treatment help me lose weight?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) vs. Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (Machine-Assisted)?

While the goal is the same in both types of lymphatic drainage (to move lymph fluid throughout the body) there are some key differences.

MLD is performed through a specific hand technique, which is excellent for individuals who are post-surgery when lymph needs to be carefully moved. Manual Lymphatic Drainage provides a gentler feeling flow, which might be preferred by those more sensitive to touch or anyone who is experiencing fibromyalgia. Additionally, manual lymphatic drainage is the only one that can be used to address the lymph within the head and neck, so MLD is beneficial for those looking to address issues such as acne, sinus issues, or migraines.

Vacuum RF (Vacuum Radio Frequency) is performed with a machine that utilizes radio frequency to help the lymph fluid move throughout the body. When you receive a Vacuum RF procedure, you’ll feel a bit more of a vacuum sensation as the machine glides over your skin, with greater emphasis on limbs and abdomen.

Neither type of lymphatic drainage is more effective than the other, necessarily, it’s just a matter of personal preference and your medical history.

Other VIVA Wellness Services that Can Improve the Results of Your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Esmeralda is also trained to provide RF Skin Tightening and Cavitation, which are more permanent solutions for a change in appearance. Though these services do not provide the deeply beneficial healing of a lymphatic drainage treatment, something that Esmeralda thinks is often overlooked in the conversation, together they can help you look and feel amazing. If you choose to compliment your Lymphatic Drainage Treatments with Body Contouring and Skin Tightening, over time you will see your waist shrink and you’ll feel great.

How to Make the Most of Lymphatic Drainage Treatments—Before & After

We want to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your Lymphatic Drainage Treatments at VIVA Wellness. So here are a few things you can do both before and after your treatments. The steps are the same both before and after, and they’re pretty simple.

  1. Hydrate & focus on detox. Move and sweat, even if just walking—keep lymph pumping. Anything you can do to move your body and help your lymphatic system move fluid throughout your body.
  2. Consider supplementing with chlorophyll beneficial supplements. Esmeralda has a couple of favorite supplements (Zuma Lymphatic and Zuma Zeolite) both of which can be purchased at VIVA Wellness.
  3. Eat healthily. Always beneficial, but even more so when receiving lymphatic drainage treatments. Reduce your caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, and processed foods. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

What Makes Esmeralda an Amazing Lymphatic Drainage Specialist?

Being a Registered Nurse means that there are options for creativity within the treatments, and Esmeralda has recently been bundling Lymphatic Treatments and Body Contouring with IV Vitamin Infusions. Having a Vitamin Infusion with your other treatments helps the body is to maintain its electrolyte balance, which is great for reducing detox symptoms that can occur after any treatment.

Detox symptoms will vary based on so many factors, but they can be the toughest after the first Lymphatic Drainage Treatment. After that initial “cleaning” your body is better able to perform its natural detox. With each additional treatment, the detox symptoms will feel profoundly less uncomfortable (symptoms-wise). “There’s a sort of compounding impact with each treatment” shares Esmeralda, “the body doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the proper flow and filtering. So even though it may not feel as intense the second or third time, it doesn’t mean your body is not still benefiting greatly. This is good momentum for the lymphatic system that means it can stay on top of its many jobs more easily.”

Lymphatic Drainage Detox Symptoms

The four pathways for detoxing the human body are pee, poop, sweat and breath. And the way each individual experiences detox symptoms could vary. You might experience: foul-smelling excretion (sweat, breath, urine and bowel movements), increased frequency of urination or bowel movements, brain fog, headaches, irritability, exhaustion, hormone fluctuations, loss of patience, etc. Though these symptoms may be unpleasant, they are all signs your body is healing.

What’s Next? More Lymphatic Drainage Training and Certifications.

Esmeralda has become so passionate about the new directions she’s taking in her career, that she’s continuing her learning. Later this summer, Esmeralda will be completing her Advanced Lymphatic Drainage coursework. She shared with us some information about what she’s learning, new techniques, treatment methods, and more. Honestly, it’s POWERFUL STUFF. She’ll be bringing it all back to VIVA Wellness to offer our clients. This is so forward-thinking, we’re honored to pioneer this in the Milwaukee wellness community.

Thank you and WELCOME, Esmeralda!

If you are interested in learning more about Lymphatic Drainage Treatments or would like to schedule an appointment with Esmeralda, call, text, or book online today.

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