Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (LDT) can be very beneficial to your overall health and wellness.

At VIVA Wellness we offer both machine-assisted Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, called Vacuum RF, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment. But what is lymphatic drainage treatment and how does it work?

First, the lymphatic system in our body works as the filter for all of the waste products, toxins, and mutant cells that leave the bloodstream. When the lymphatic system is functioning properly, it filters and helps to detox the body quite efficiently. This allows us to maintain good health and wellness.

The lymphatic system, however, requires regular muscle movement and physical activity to work properly. It does not have its own pump like the circulatory system does with the heart. When we are inactive, our lymphatic system can become a little sluggish. The result is, the body will store waste and toxins first in the lymph nodes, then in other parts of the body. If too many toxins are stored in the body it can cause a whole host of health issues.

An efficient lymphatic system is an essential part of maintaining health and a strong immune system. So, it is important to do what we can to keep the lymphatic system working in tip-top shape. Having periodic Lymphatic Drainage Treatments can help.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment works to stimulate the body’s lymph system.

LDT makes use of specific movements to lightly push lymph fluids through the system. Those movements allow fluid to drain out of the tissues and move throughout the body. A lymphatic drainage treatment can be performed manually (light pressure with the hands) or with a machine and dry brushing. At VIVA Wellness we offer both options.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment at VIVA Wellness

Each new client interested in Manual Lymphatic Drainage will spend 30 minutes first consulting with our Certified Lymphatic Drainage Specialist. During this session, she will review the procedure with you, answer any questions you may have, learn about your personal health and wellness needs, and discuss any ailments which may or may not qualify you for the treatment. At VIVA Wellness, your health is our focus, so we want to be sure you are comfortable with the procedure prior to beginning.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

During a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment session, a certified therapist applies gentle pressure, moving her hands along the body in specified directions—manually guiding the fluid in the direction of the lymph nodes, in order to drain the excess fluid from the body.

Machine-Assisted Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (Vacuum RF)

Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage sessions begin with dry brushing. Then, a certified therapist uses a machine specifically designed to use vacuum pressure when guided along the body’s lymphatic routes to drain the excess lymph fluid from the body.

Is Lymphatic Drainage Treatment painful?

No. The Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is not painful at all. In fact, many of our clients find it very relaxing.

The procedure can be very effective in moving lymph fluid, increasing oxygen flow, and decreasing swelling and bloating throughout the body. In addition to making you feel great and optimizing the performance of your lymph system, it can also be a quick boost to relieving bloating before a vacation or other event.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is not massage.

Though many other clinics promote Lymphatic Drainage Treatment as a form of massage, it really is not massage at all.

Who can benefit from Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?

For generally healthy individuals, Lymphatic Drainage Treatments can help to improve your immune system, boost your energy levels, improve your sleep, and reduce fatigue. Additionally, individuals who experience health issues like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, edema, brain fog, and more can see improvements with lymphatic drainage treatments.

 Who should not receive Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?

In general, Lymphatic Drainage Treatments are safe for just about everyone. There are some conditions where it is not recommended:

  • Individuals with a heart condition
  • Individuals with lymphedema, previous removal of lymph nodes, or other diseases with the lymph system
  • Individuals receiving treatment for cancer
  • Individuals with kidney failure
  • Individuals currently experiencing blood clots
  • Individuals with an active infection
  • Individuals with internal bleeding

If you are unsure whether you should receive Lymphatic Drainage Treatment you may choose to talk to your healthcare provider.

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