Emotional Eating and Hormone Weight Loss Therapy

This is a success story of a VIVA Wellness client conquering emotional eating through hormone weight loss therapy.

Erica Before and After Hormone Weight Loss Therapy | VIVA Wellness WIErica Okrzesik came to VIVA Wellness for help just getting back to feeling good and managing her weight. She didn’t need to lose a lot of weight. But at 39 years old, after trying fad diets, weight loss programs, and generally trying to do it on her own, she wanted something that would work. For her, VIVA Wellness was the right decision.

Emotional Eating is Often Unhealthy Eating

Like so many people, Erica’s relationship with food wasn’t entirely healthy. Erica has two children with special needs and self-care isn’t always a priority for her. She realized much of the weight struggle was related to emotional eating more than physical inactivity or overeating. Though she was prone to occasional binge eating.

Erica found VIVA Wellness through another health clinic. She wanted to learn how Jennifer Hruz, VIVA Wellness nurse practitioner, could help her lose weight.

Each Weight Loss Program is Unique

Erica scheduled a consultation with Jennifer. She found that Jennifer takes a very different approach to working with her clients. Each person has different struggles and different reasons for weight gain. Each VIVA Wellness program is completely designed for the individual.

Erica found that she clicked with Jennifer right away. She developed an immediate confidence in her abilities and was excited to get started. “Jennifer was so friendly and kind when we first met. She shared her own personal weight loss challenges, so I know she gets it. She understands what’s going on in my head and my stomach,” says Erica. “I knew immediately that Jennifer wanted me to succeed. She would not only be there to help me through, but she would also hold me accountable.” This was a completely different approach than what Erica had tried in the past. It was a way to address emotional eating and hormone weight loss therapy.

Custom Hormone Weight Loss Therapy Program

The VIVA Wellness weight loss program developed for Erica included:

  • a 12 week course of hormone therapy,
  • diet recommendations,
  • helpful grocery shopping guidelines
  • coaching and support, and
  • monitoring/adjusting for success.

Note: Hormone weight loss therapy and injections should not be administered without proper diet supervision.

It’s important to note that proper hormone weight loss therapy should be a structured program with a trained clinician. VIVA Wellness nurse practitioner, Jennifer Hruz closely monitors clients, guides them throughout the program and is able to make adjustments as needed to maintain proper health and motivation.

No Special Diet Foods

Erica liked the fact that the program didn’t include special meals or food to order. She could buy regular food from her local grocery. Having to make meals for her family meant that she could prepare everyone’s food at the same time. In fact, she was able to prepare some of her meal ahead of time. For example, she bought chicken breasts and grilled several at the same time in the exact portions she would need. Then she put them and the freezer so they were ready to warm up when it was time to eat.

Erica didn’t feel deprived throughout her program either. She was still able to enjoy her favorite things to eat. But now she’s learned to eat less at a time. “I still have occasional wine and pizza—my favorite treats. Now I just don’t eat as much,” she says. “I’ve learned to pay attention to my body and make better choices. And if I do have a treat I follow up with clean eating the next day.”

Making a Change Can Be Challenging—for a Short Time

The initial detox part of Erica’s programs wasn’t entirely easy. She admits that she felt miserable for a few days. “Keto flu” as it is sometimes called made her feel tired, a little nauseous, and sore muscles. Erica did waiver a little and wonder if she could continue. So she discussed her symptoms with Jennifer and they made some adjustments in her diet (increasing her protein, etc.). She started to feel much better. She realized how many toxins her body had to rid itself of. In the process she gained a renewed sense of accomplishment. “I thought, ‘wow’ I can do this! It made me feel empowered and it motivated me even more,” says Erica.

Healthy Weight Loss Goals

Through it all, nothing slowed her weight loss or stalled her forward progress. Erica didn’t start the program with a target weight in mind. For her the goal was not a number, but rather a means to looking and feeling better—and healthier. Today she is finishing her 12-week program. Her results? She lost 25 pounds in the first 40 days. Then she proceeded to keep it off for an additional six weeks. Unlike other programs where individuals get hormone injections without a maintenance program, the VIVA Wellness program focuses on long-term success.

Erica is Now Equipped to Manage Emotional Eating

Erica says with the help of VIVA Wellness, she has changed for the better. She’s been able to change both physically as well as emotionally. “It was kind of a mind-shift. Every week I took time to make myself a priority and that has make a great difference,” Erica recalls. “I’m finishing the program on such a high note. I really feel equipped to go forward, in tune with my new body.” She says that her personal VIVA Wellness weight loss program was one hundred percent worth the investment.

We congratulate her on her success!


If you would like to control your own emotional eating contact VIVA Wellness to schedule a consultation.

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