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If you haven’t had the chance to spend time getting to know Team VIVA, you might not know that there are a lot of rabbit-holers, meaning, our team likes to research to find the best products, supplements, protocols, and services to best support yours and our goals! We consider ourselves incredibly important middle-humans between the manufacturers and brains behind important advancements (or just tried and true but not commonly discussed) and those who seek those solutions—our clients!

You might not know the lengths each team member goes to research, deep dive, and consult other experts before bringing on a new product. Each product has to meet the team’s high standards, be trialed by us (we want to know personally the ins and outs of what effects and benefits there might be), then be rolled out to you. Our top priority is supporting your wellness goals with the best possible products on the market, which also means we are always also pursuing the best health and wellness solutions for ourselves in order to bring them to you. We practice what we preach.

Simeen, our Front Desk Liaison who keeps things running smoothly at VIVA Wellness, knows just about everything there is to know when it comes to supplements. With a background in managing and owning a GNC, her ability to answer any question you might have is unmatched. We pursue the best of the best, and we bring it to you.

To highlight some of our game changers, products that have made a dramatic impact on our clients’ quality of life, we’ll be sharing product roundups here on the blog, getting into why they’re impressive and who they’re right for.


There are three main reasons that make this such a powerful digestive ally:

  • A big benefit for Super Aloe is its ability to strengthen peristalsis. This is the squeezing muscle in the colon to move things along. Constipation, medications, genetics, and dietary choices, may make it weak. Some folks may have an “atonic colon” or a “lazy bowel”. Super Aloe helps strengthen your colon, so it can remember how to do its job properly.
  • Additionally, it brings moisture into the colon. Constipation is often due to a lack of moisture in the bowel, and Super Aloe brings replenishes moisture into the stool to facilitate a full bowel movement.
  • Lastly, Super Aloe reduces inflammation across the whole body. Inflammation is a symptom of what you ate, your environment, pesticides, medications, hormones, etc. Inflammation (mucus) can slow down the bowls, so combatting that response means restoring movement in the gut.

Super Aloe comes in two different strengths “250” and “450”— one of our I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapists can recommend which strength is best for you.


Depending on the severity of your situation, you may want the 250 or 450 mg dose (both carried by VIVA).  Take 1 capsule before bed. It comes out to about $25 for 100 days supply. It’s a small bottle that you can keep on your nightstand and pop before you close your eyes, a great habit to create! Some clients may find that after a few weeks or a month they can change to taking this every other day as their colon has gotten up and moving.

SBI PROTECT SBI Protect Supplement

SBI Protect is a VIVA team favorite. It’s like the bodyguard you didn’t know your body needed. SBI acts like a bouncer in your gut, selectively getting the bad bacteria out so the good bacteria can party and help you feel your best. Originally developed for C-Diff patients, Orthomolecular discovered SBI helps to diminish inflammation in the digestive tract for those suffering with IBS, IBD, Crohn’s Disease, and gut dysfunction. Made up of pure Immunoglobulin G, SBI helps to maintain a healthy intestinal immune system by healing your gut lining. Think of your gut lining like a net – when there are holes in the net bad things can move through it easily (candida, bad bacteria, etc.). SBI acts like a vacuum of a zamboni and pulls out all that bad gunk, helping you heal your gut lining.

This is great for new and existing clients with inflammation, leaky gut, gluten sensitivities, toxic build-up, compromised gut function, overgrowth of bad bacteria, and those having difficulties absorbing nutrients properly.


Comes in a powder or capsules. One small scoop of the powder equals 4 large capsules. We typically recommend powder over pills. When you’re struggling with gut dysfunction, it is easier for your body to utilize powders immediately, instead of having to break down 4 pills.

For powder, 1- 2 Scoops / 2x daily. We recommend you add it to a cool beverage like a smoothie or a protein shake, but it can be added to tea, coffee or other warm beverages. Powder can be a bit chunky, so stirring doesn’t work very well, give it a really good shake if adding it to cooler liquid. Avoid incredibly hot, as it may reduce the potency.

And while we love it alone, it pairs incredibly well with the following product to add an extra boost of healing! SBI Protect is a bit more pricey, so if you are on the fence between it and Glutashield, start with SBI, then once you complete the recommended time by a provider, move on to Glutashield.

GLUTASHIELD VIVA Wellness Supplements

Another powerhouse product made to support the gut in the repair state, and a great start for new clients with inflammation, leaky gut symptoms, or acid reflux! It was formulated with a powerful amino acid in it called L-Glutamine, which is a main source of fuel for cells of the small intestine and essential for tissue regeneration throughout the body. Picture it like a sweep through your body, putting band-aids all over your insides, rebuilding the good, eliminating the bad, bringing down inflammation, and rebuilding healthy mucus. It provides concentrated nutrition for GI cells, and when the gut is able to absorb the good and keep out the bad, your body is able to repair and restore itself.

  • High in L-glutamine to repair gut lining and reduce inflammation
  • Helps maintain a healthy mucosal surface — N-Acetyl Glucosamine is a precursor to healthy mucus that is important for immunity / helps rebuild good mucus
  • Vitamin A and Zinc helps to tighten junctions / reform tight junctions
  • Aloe for soothing and symptom relief. This is not made of the same components as Super Aloe, so you could take both.


1-2 scoops, 1-2x daily. Chocolate or vanilla. Best if used with SBI Protect, but can be used alone after SBI or at any/all times. It is best on an empty stomach, but it can be eaten with food, but it also makes a great evening healthier dessert choice. It’s sweetened with stevia for minimal glycemic impact.


Developed during COVID specifically for long COVID / COVID fatigue, this supplement is a powerhouse for brain fog & immune health (GREAT for back to school, holidays, etc.). It supports healthy cellular function, mitochondrial and immune function, GI barrier health and integrity and helps maintain normal inflammatory balance. It’s great for anyone wanting to boost immunity (potentially for those with autoimmune concerns), dealing with long COVID, struggling with fatigue, focus, or gut issues.

This pairs well with lymphatic drainage treatments, colonics, any sort of lymphatic detox, and the Glutashield product. Pick up in the clinic!


One 10g scoop of the powder per day. Can be mixed in smoothies, juice, etc. Best taken with a meal of some sort.

The VIVA Wellness team would be so thrilled to help you choose the best supplements for your health goals. Be sure to contact us with your questions and we’ll help you take the next steps!

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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