A Creative Approach to Detox and Fat Loss

Fat or fat tissue is made of “adipocytes (lipocytes and fat cells), which are the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue, specialized in storing energy as fat” (wikipedia, “fat”). A person with great amounts of fat tissue doesn’t generally have more fat cells than someone who appears lean, but rather they have enlarged, fuller fat cells. Fat cells are not destroyed when you lose fat, but rather the cells simply become smaller or empty.

Fat loss is not a black-and-white scenario, it’s not as simple as calories in and out based on the complicated behavior of fat and how it interacts with various processes within the body, and VIVA Wellness has weight and fat loss strategies to target these various scenarios.

When you think of Cavitation, you may normally assume that this is reserved for someone trying to target those last few pounds or fat that doesn’t seem to want to budge, but we’ve found a profound impact of cavitation both as a fat loss process and a detox catalyst. Conversely, the detox focus catalyzed even greater weight and fat loss. Let’s see why…

There are Different Types of Fat Tissue

Fat CellsWe know what fat looks and feels like, but fat is perhaps not as simple as it would seem. Not only are there different types of fat tissue, made of different types of fat cells, but each of these has different functions. In the eyes of the body, fat is fairly functional, depending on the type and season of life. It keeps us warm, it’s a safe reserve of energy—the body might see it as a backup plan for when food is running low. But the problem with this primal function in today’s day and age is that these fat cells also make great storage of the abundance of toxins that our bodies are exposed to.

From LiverDoctor.com, toxins are “…in your soil, packaging, home, water, air, food, perfume, deodorant and all sorts of other items. These pollutants bind to your fat cells and they are mostly found in fatty tissue. Many toxins are fat soluble and must be made water soluble by your liver to be able to be eliminated from your body in water-soluble liquids such as bile, sweat, and urine. These toxins keep building up inside your body, year after year. A big problem is, these toxins—often referred to as “obesogens”—are also creating a cascade of metabolic damage that leads directly to type 2 diabetes and obesity.”

So what was supposed to be a reserve of energy, with a functional incentive to be there, becomes a catalyst to more fat. So even if you’re “doing everything right,” the contents of your fat cells may be working against you.

Cavitation is an Incredible Tool for Emptying Fat Cells.

This is why cavitation is an incredible tool. Cavitation works by shaking the fat cells which ultimately liberates the liquified contents, somewhat like squashing a grape or a water balloon. The cell is still intact, but the contents are released.

If you were to experience too much cavitation at once, or if you did not follow the post-procedure protocols, you could in theory put your body into shock by releasing too many toxins at once. Depending on the health of the individual and their overall ability to handle the toxins released, this may be more than the body can handle. This is why it’s critical to focus on detox during the entire cavitation series. This is also why cavitation pairs well with lymphatic treatments, as the vacuum is able to help usher the fat cell contents into the lymphatic system to be flushed out through the various detox pathways. This is also why we suggest the use of the sauna to move the toxins from the fat cells.

So what do we do to facilitate cellular detox?

We work on the detox pathways and we work to clear toxins from the fat cells. Not only does this support the cavitation process, but it supports the entire weight loss process by supporting the ways that fat is able to leave the body.

Specifically at VIVA Wellness, we recommend:

  • Increasing chlorophyll. Whether added to your water in a liquid form (so easy) or by eating more leafy greens (many of which have their own unique compounds that add to detox in addition to chlorophyll), this is an excellent binder of toxins.
  • Hydrate. Water. Chlorophyll in the water. Electrolyte replacements (such as the magnesium supplement CALM or any of our IVs).
  • Supplement. We highly suggest ensuring your body has what it needs to effectively flush out what has been released from the cells. Our Metabolism Booster IM Injection, Glutathione Injection, or our Glow Up or Better Belly IV Infusions paired with a Glutathione push.
  • Sauna & Colon Hydrotherapy. Spending time in our Infrared Sauna or scheduling a Colonic to ensure that these two detox pathways are flowing.
  • Castor oil packs. This supports your liver in decongesting and moving out toxins released from other systems to the liver for processing. We have a whole host of information about castor oil packs, but reach out with questions on this.

We’ve seen firsthand that cavitation paired with specific protocols of injections and IV infusions can create profound fat loss and overall wellness-improving transformations. Clients that think they are just losing fat have shared that they have revolutionized their energy and feel incredible. So while this is not a traditional “weight loss” approach that we imagined with these services, because of the way they catalyze one another, they do produce big results!

VIVA Wellness is honored to be your partner in helping you understand your unique situation and create a plan that addresses your past and supports the future and health you know is for you.

So, want to book this Body Contouring protocol?

Great, you’re going to want to book the following. (Feel free to simply book your first Body Contouring Cavitation Consultation and mention this post when you do.)

  • 3-6+ cavitation sessions (based on your goals)
  • Weekly Metabolism Booster IM Injections (suggest pairing with glutathione)
  • Infrared Sauna after each cavitation session
  • Optional: Lymphatic drainage treatments + RF Skin Tightening per the timing/frequency suggested by your specialist. This may be anything from one or both at each cavitation treatment to at a different timeline. This will vary unique to where you are and where you’re trying to go.

Let’s do this!

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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