IV Vitamin Infusion & IM Vitamin Injection Protocols (FAQs)

Your Questions About IV Vitamin Infusion & IM Vitamin Injection

Vitamin Infusions via Intravenous (IV) Drip or Intramuscular (IM) Injections at VIVA Wellness are a great way to address your health goals through non-oral supplementation which helps your system absorb and reap the benefits of these beneficial substances without them having to pass through the digestive system. Both are designed to go directly into your system, whether immediately into the bloodstream via IV or into the muscle via injection which means absorption via muscles and blood vessels.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when deciding if IV infusion or IM Injection is the right fit for your unique supplementation goals and situation! To help you decide, we break down a few frequently asked questions here:

IV Vitamin Infusion & IM Vitamin Injection FAQs

Because when you receive vitamins via an IV, vitamins and nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream. This is an improvement over typical ingestion of these vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants because it bypasses the digestive system. It delivers nutrients directly to the body at the cellular level, as quickly as possible. The VIVA Wellness IV Vitamin protocol also introduces 500 (this is our standard) or 1000ml of fluids, per your volume preference, which begins immediately hydrating the system and is beneficial to most!

Because you want a quick and concentrated supplement. IM Vitamin Injections are relatively low-pain or painless (that varies based on everyone’s unique experience and the injected substance), as our team takes a number of steps to ensure that’s the case. If you don’t have time for a drip but know you would like a given substance or blend, IM Vitamin Injection is for you. Note: the actual dosage will likely be different than in if you were to receive an IV Vitamin drip.

Because not all supplements are created for optimal absorption and not all bodies can optimally absorb even the highest quality supplements. Oral vitamins are broken down through the digestive system (stomach, intestines) then go through the liver for metabolizing. Anyone who has a poor diet, GI disorder, gut dysbiosis (imbalanced gut microbiome), or gut inflammation will not be able absorb oral vitamins. IM Vitamin Injections bypass the gut and 90% or more of the vitamin is absorbed by the body. Vitamin injections are more bioavailable and the body can utilize them more efficiently.

Yes, though these will be given as two separate injections in different locations on your body. Your nurse will help you understand if this is a good fit for your situation.

We have carefully curated the IV Infusion blends that we offer combining vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids in strategic ratios to target the main benefit. If you have a specific wellness goal or are seeking a different type of IV Infusion, we always do our best to address each of our clients needs. If you are looking for a blend for your unique situation, please let us know before your appointment. We can let you know what blends are possible, and we can be sure the right materials are on hand.

While there are some IVs/IMs who are not great for folks based on the ingredients (see below), there are a few situations where these may not be a great fit for you. Before you receive either at VIVA Wellness, you will complete an intake form where we will be able to identify issues that may mean IV/IM is not the best fit for you—including kidney disease, active tuberculosis, lesions occupying the space in the cranium, chronic liver disease, or pregnancy.

As is the case with any therapeutic substance administered intramuscularly, mild and rare side effects are possible such as pain, irritation, or burning at the site of injection, temporary sensations of tingling, numbness, diarrhea, abdominal upset, warm sensation, swelling over the entire body, flushed sensation, headache, hives, allergic reaction, chest pain, or infection, such as fever, chills, temperature over 100.4 may result.

The risks associated with IV therapy include, but are not limited to: skin infections, thrombophlebitis (vein infection), bleeding, bruising, pain, nerve injury, allergic reactions to the medications or vitamins, nausea, dizziness, and/or increased heart rate during IV therapy. Some patients have also experienced a vasovagal response during administration of IV therapy, which may cause you to temporarily become sweaty, and “pass out”.

In rare cases, there may be significant risks such as, bleeding, bruising, fainting, drowsiness, and other consequences, so if you do not consider yourself someone who can tolerate those, while rare, you may want to avoid IV therapy! Again, these are rare but can happen. We rely on you knowing yourself and your health history, as well as sharing this information with us!

  • Ketorolac is contraindicated in pregnancy and those with chronic kidney conditions
  • Zofran is not ok over prolonged use for people with cardiac electrical disorders - SVT, and other fatal arrhythmias
  • L-Carnitine can be contraindicated in certain heart conditions

Some drugs specifically aren’t formulated for IV use. IM medications are absorbed more slowly over a longer period of time, whereas IV administration administers higher doses more quickly to organs and tissues but has a shorter half life. Some, such as Vitamin D, must be given as an injection because it must be mixed in an oil for better bioavailability.

The initial poke has the potential to hurt, yes. And while the intensity of that pain will vary from person to person, it is generally short lived once it is beyond that first layer of the skin. The sensory tactical nerve endings lie in the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, so after that tiny poke, you will likely not experience any pain at the site.

After you’ve gotten into a comfy position based on the injection site, we will clean and prep the area, which includes a little numbing spray. Our hope is that you feel as little discomfort as possible. Some clients describe a pinch or dull ache upon injection.

To prepare for an IV Vitamin Infusion, there is very little you will need to do. Definitely you should hydrate, and for comfort and ease wear loose sleeved clothing or short sleeves.

There is nothing you need to do beforehand to prepare for your IM Vitamin Injection. We always want you to be hydrated, so maybe have water handy.

After an IV Vitamin Infusion You may taste the vitamins in your mouth, urine may be yellow or smell like B-vitamins, redness at site at times. There may be others, which are also IV dependent, that will be shared with you at the time of the treatment.

You may have some soreness in the injection area for a few days. We hold pressure immediately afterward to prevent bruising, but there may still be some. While you may not feel you need to, gently massage the site if there is soreness may help alleviate that sensation. You may also taste the vitamins in your mouth.

Key Takeaways When Considering IV Vitamin Infusion or IM Vitamin Injection

Everybody and every reaction to Vitamin Infusion and Vitamin Injection is different. The more you know your health history and disclose it honestly with our team, the more we are able to create the optimal experience for you. Reading our words, viewing our images, and taking action on anything you see or read is at your own discretion. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or diet program. Hey, we have those on staff, book a consult!

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