Lymphatic Flow Promoting Bra Fitting & Breast Health Open House

You’re doing all the right things for your skin, you’re eating well, you’re intentional about moving your lymph, and you’re even doing monthly breast self-exams, but did you know that the layers against your skin might still be doing harm? Vibrant Body Company, a local women’s clean intimates company has redesigned the First Layer because they realized “the problem with wired bras is that they’re not only uncomfortable, but they work against your body’s natural shape instead of with it.”

Of course we know that fabrics matter, but did you ever consider how the fit impacts the flow of your lymph?

Bras that are too tight, too loose, pinching in the wrong areas, and just plain uncomfortable can really affect how lymphatic fluid goes throughout the body. According to Vibrant Body, who will be in our clinic on May 22 for a fitting event, their “EveryWear Bra™ support comes from the cups, not an underwire.” This makes perfect sense to us. The owners of Vibrant Body spent 7 years, going through 80 prototypes, to design a bra so revolutionary that it has its own Utility Patent. Their customers say it is truly the most comfortable, wireless-constructed bra you will ever put on your body. We were so excited to learn more that we invited Vibrant Body to share the benefits of their bras with our clients at a very special Vibrant Body Event in the VIVA Wellness Clinic on May 22, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Vibrant Body CEO, Ali Schwebel, who will be at the event, shared that “wire-free construction doesn’t restrict the lymph system like wired bras do—our bra allows freedom of movement while also giving women the comfort and look (lift, separation and support) they want. Additionally, the bras are Certified Clean™ which means the products don’t contain harmful levels of toxic chemicals. Certified Clean First Layer – the new clean beauty.” Vibrant also recently won a Fast Company award for their disruptive work in certified clean first layers. Watch Ali go into more detail.


The VIVA Wellness Vibrant Body Event will be held on May 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and all are invited. It will be a casual event where you will learn about Vibrant Body bras and get a free fitting (sorry all timeslots for fittings are now filled). You’ll also be treated to Lymphatic Drainage tutorials from our very own RN Esmeralda, receive complimentary IM Injections, and try some amazing adrenal-support mocktails created by our Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Arianne…and a few other fun surprises.

  • Mix and mingle with other wellness-oriented or curious beings
  • Vibrant’s Master Bra Designer, Heidi Lehmann, will be doing quick 20-minute fittings (sorry all timeslots for fittings are now filled)
  • Lymphatic drainage tutorials from our in-house Advanced Lymphatic Specialist & RN Esmeralda
  • Adrenal-support mocktails made by VIVA RN & Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Arianne
  • Complimentary IM Injections by VIVA RNs
  • Touch & feel samples of Vibrant’s goods—bras, tanks, underwear. Free shipping on orders which will ship the next day from their Third Ward fulfillment center.
  • Enjoy healthy bites from Simple Eats MKE

After your fitting or perusing the array of sample bras, tanks, and underwear, you can place an order which will ship (complimentary) the following day from Vibrant’s Third Ward Warehouse! 

Why are breasts such a big deal when it comes to overall health?

Because they are adjacent to a whole slew of lymph nodes. Vessels within the breasts move fluids to lymph nodes nearby: sternum, clavicle, and armpit. Check out the full map of the lymphatic system (via the Cleveland Clinic). When the lymph circulation becomes sluggish, or physically blocked due to undergarments, not only is the system working harder to do its job, but other parts of the body may also begin to feel a negative influence. When cells are not being properly detoxified, other health issues or even cancers may develop. We don’t want to include breast cancer stats as a scare tactic, but we feel incredibly passionate about the conversation around the importance of breast health, breast self-exams, lymphatic support, and making sure that what you put in (or on) your body is non-toxic (as much as possible).

What is the breast / lymphatic connection?

We’ve broken down a more detailed look at the role of the lymphatic system earlier on the blog, but we want to reiterate that there’s a closer link between the breasts and the lymphatic system. Other than lymphatic drainage treatments (such as those we offer) and the self-massages mentioned in our earlier discussion of the topic, there are a number of lymphatic drainage support tips, which include avoiding bras with underwires and sleeping in a bra. In addition to those tips, the Vibrant Body Company also shares other incredibly helpful suggestions here, reiterating the importance of movement and sweat, learning your unique breast composition so as to know if something feels off, and eating nourishing foods.

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Vibrant Body Company is also impressively taking care of the planet as a Certified B-Corp, 1% for the Planet, and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

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