Reason to Celebrate: VIVA’s GROWTH-ANNIVERSARY + Our Founder’s Birthday!

In October of 2020, thick in the uncertainty of the global climate, Jennifer Hruz took a leap of faith and began to build out the current VIVA Wellness space that opened just a few months later on March 2, 2021. How you’ve likely come to know and love VIVA Wellness at 12625 W Burleigh Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005 is the achievement of a step of a dream, one that’s still building today through Jennifer’s personal mission to connect people with the best versions of themselves through their health!

And so it’s extra special that this Second Anniversary at this location also coincides with her birthday, too, which takes place just two days later on March 4!

While we can’t say all that’s on the roadmap for VIVA Wellness, we certainly feel confident sharing that you will have the opportunity to take your healing to a whole new level. We have so much up our sleeve, and we know that our unique positioning as spanning traditional medicine with root cause healing means that the options available to each are fully custom, entirely creative, and can create lasting and pivotal impact!

So, LET’S CELEBRATE! Stop by anytime this week 10-6 Tues-Thurs and 10-5 Fri to explore a few new fun things AND to take advantage of our anniversary deal: 2 for 1 intramuscular (IM) injections! 

2 for 1 IM Injection Promotion Details

  • Purchase up to 20 injections under this promo broken down to whatever combo you’d like: single injections, 5-pack, or 10-pack. Ex: if you buy a 5-pack, you get a 5-pack free. Meaning you could get 40 for the price of 20 if you bought two 10-packs.

  • Packs of 5 or less expire in 6 months, packs of 6+ expire in 12 months. If you buy a 5-pack, the 5 purchased + 5 free have a 6 month expiration.

  • Must be of the same tier, but you could split the breakdown between tiers. Ex. A 10-pack of Tier 2 and a 5-pack of Tier 1.

  •  Must be purchased 5p Friday 3/3

  • Call, text, come in or email to purchase!

Visit this page to view our menu of IM injections and the FAQs page if you have questions!

Jennifer personally LOVES the CoQ10 injection (her story here), and we’ve seen folks have incredible results with a number of issues through Glutathione and Metabolism Booster injections.

Thank you for your support and for joining us along this incredible journey—we’re here because you share our vision for creating the best version of yourself, and we’re not just grateful, we’re cheering you on, too!

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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