Your Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Hormone Weight Loss Therapy

Here at VIVA Wellness, we get lots of calls with questions about our hormone weight loss program. Most of our clients have hormone weight loss therapy questions as they consider this option in a medical weight loss program. Read on as we answer the five most common hormone weight loss therapy questions we receive here in our Milwaukee clinic.

Does Hormone Therapy Actually Work For Weight Loss?

In a word, yes! To start, it’s a scientifically proven weight loss method used by thousands upon thousands of people each year. We have two hormone weight loss therapy programs for two different types of clients:

  • Our 10-week program is for those interested in losing 15 pounds or less. You’ll start with 23 days of hormone injections, followed by six weeks of maintenance.
  • Our 12-week program is for those interested in losing more than 15 pounds. This program begins with 40 days of hormone injections, followed by six weeks of maintenance.

Our hormone weight loss therapy program works because of the reduced calorie diet in conjunction with the hormone itself. Hormone therapy helps reset the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls metabolism. True, on hormone injections, you will have zero hunger. The hormone is stimulating your body to go into ketosis by targeting your abnormal fat stores. Your body will burn up to 4000 calories per day of its own stored fat, which puts you into ketosis. In this state, you won’t even be hungry!

Also, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is muscle sparing, meaning that you will NOT lose muscle while on the diet. Hormone weight loss therapy doubters will always say that you would lose weight on a 500 cal diet anyway, which is totally true, but you would be losing muscle, not fat. On our hormone weight loss therapy program, you’ll only lose fat!

What Will My Hormone Weight Loss Diet Look Like?


Your diet is the key component of your weight loss. The hormone weight loss therapy diet is very strict during the first phase of the program. You’ll consume around 500 calories per day made mostly up of protein (fish and lean meats), fruits, and vegetables. In addition, you’ll be able to drink coffee and tea, and add a few other flavors, like vinegar and sweetener to your meals.

Is Hormone Weight Loss Therapy Safe?

When you embark on the hormone weight loss therapy diet under the supervision of a health care professional, it is safe. First, we invite you to check out the Clean Start Weight Loss program, which is endorsed by the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine, and is the method we use. It’s been widely popularized via the Dr. Oz show. One key takeaway is that each person is different, and should be supervised throughout this process. You’ll see later in this article that at VIVA Wellness, we follow our hormone weight loss therapy clients closely and adjust dosing as needed.

Will I Be Able to Keep the Weight Off with Hormone Therapy?

Once you’ve completed your hormone injections, we’ll help you transition to a healthy, sustainable diet meant for weight maintenance. The old saying of, “to keep weight off, you need to make your diet your lifestyle” is true, and we’ll help you do it. The hormone weight loss therapy diet is an effective way to jump-start your weight loss, and prepare you for the lifestyle change ahead.

How Much Does The Hormone Weight Loss Therapy Program Cost?

You should definitely do your research when it comes to comparing hormone weight loss therapy programs. Here at VIVA Wellness, we’re proud to offer two comprehensive packages. Our 10-week package costs $1,199 and our 12-week package is $1,499. That’s around $125 per week—less than $20 per day. Our mission is to help each and every client be successful, and truly come alive during their weight loss journey. When you embark on hormone weight loss  therapy with VIVA Wellness, you can expect:

  • Preliminary labs are included in your overall pricing—we’ll never nickel-and-dime you
  • We’ll become your support system, working through the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss that you face as we build your program
  • For the first phase of the program, you’ll receive your home hormone injection kit, customized to your specific weight loss goals and needs
  • You’ll see our Nurse Practitioner every week throughout the program to discuss your progress and challenges, as well as adjust your injection dose appropriately based on your individual needs
  • You’ll receive a SUPER Skinny Vitamin Shot weekly – this injection is made up of our special blend of lipotropic amino acid and B-vitamins, and will help you maximize your weight loss

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when deciding if hormone therapy for weight loss is the right approach to weight loss for you. We’re here to help answer your questions, and take this journey with you, when you’re ready. For more information, or to schedule your preliminary appointment, call 262-202-8242 or email us today!

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