VIVA Wellness Adds Unique Exercise Program

Exercise & Lifestyle Changes Help Long Term Weight Loss Success

VIVA Wellness is excited to announce a new partnership to help clients maintain long term success. Dr. John “Jack” Gucciardi, MD is a family practice physician with a passion for helping people. Specifically, he helps create healthy habits through exercise and lifestyle change.

Dr. Gucciardi will work with VIVA Wellness weight loss clients who are interested in developing healthy exercise habits while losing weight. These habits will help clients maintain their weight loss long after they have reached their goals.

Unique Exercise Program

The program that Dr. Gucciardi has developed is based on the premise that it takes 66 days for a major behavior change to take hold. Understanding that change—especially major change—is difficult for anyone, his program takes a gradual approach. And when he says it starts slow, he means it: the exercise regimen begins by exercising for only 5 minutes!

The program works because it helps to develop a habit by the time you actually realize you’ve made a real change. “Patients in my program gradually replace a normal behavior of not exercising with one of exercising,” says Dr. Gucciardi. “Eventually, it will seem abnormal not to exercise.”

Dr Gucciardi | Unique Exercise Program | VIVA WellnessDr. Gucciardi is a family practitioner who has spent part of his medical career in urgent care. He has seen many clients who had formed unhealthy habits in their lifestyle. He wanted to find a way to help people who had developed life-threatening, major medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, and more, to trade their bad habits for good ones. The program helps clients make a gradual change to good health. It works because, along with the habit-forming repetition, there is an accountability component as well.

Dr. Gucciardi will meet with clients regularly throughout the program to keep them on track. The program is easy to follow, including simple worksheets, helpful hints and an exercise plan that works.

“I’m so pleased to be able to offer Dr. Gucciardi’s program as a benefit to my clients.” says VIVA Wellness Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Hruz. “This unique approach to exercise, creating healthy habits, and motivation is one more tool I can provide toward achieving and maintaining success for the long term.”

Weight Loss & Positive Change

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Gucciardi is President of the Leonard Gucciardi Empowerment Organization, a non-profit association dedicated to the promise of self-benefit. The organization is built with the belief that regardless of the extent of an individual’s resources, one who is aware of his or her talents and needs is in a matchless position to achieve positive change.

Weight loss and healthy weight management is a big part of what we offer at VIVA Wellness. If weight loss were easy, our clients wouldn’t need our help. No matter how you approach it, weight loss is change, and as Dr. Gucciardi says, change is complex. His program strives to make the complex behavioral change seem simple by taking an incremental approach.
If you are interested in starting a weight loss program and would like to take advantage of our partnership with Dr. Gucciardi and his unique exercise and healthy lifestyle program, contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.


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