Allyson’s 30 Pound Medical Weight Loss Journey

We’re thrilled to share another client’s weight loss success story!

Allyson Weight Loss Success StoryAllyson is an MRI Technologist at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI who recently invested in Medical Weight Loss through VIVA Wellness with incredible results—losing 30 pounds in under a year. Allyson was inspired by a friend’s journey with VIVA Wellness. She knew it was time to take radical care of her body (she had been experiencing new chest pains due to the weight she had gained in her breasts), so she got in touch with us and started her own VIVA Wellness weight loss program.

What we love about Allyson’s story is that she was dedicated, consistent, and patient, especially as she kept an open mind to the shifts that would need to take place in order to flow with LIFE. She began the program with 37.5mg of Phentermine in July of 2022, before decreasing to 15 mg after ~4 months. She stopped altogether right before a surgery in December (in case of anesthesia complications), and then restarted back in the spring of this year. Finally, she switched to Contrave and has remained on that for the last few months! Medical Weight Loss options with VIVA Wellness are designed to work WITH your life and needs, not against it. Of course, if there are counterproductive lifestyle habits that need to be addressed to improve weight loss, these programs are an incredible way to encourage positive lifestyle change, too.

Allyson was generous enough to answer some questions about her weight loss experience thus far, and we’d be honored to have you read along. If you see yourself in her story and know that it’s time to invest in a new chapter where you move towards your weight loss goals, we’d be honored to hear from you and support you!

What led you to the moment you decided to seek support with VIVA?

I am an MRI technologist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee. I graduated from Carroll University with my Bachelor’s in Radiologic Technology and completed my x-ray schooling through Aurora St. Luke’s School of Radiologic Technology in 2018.

Growing up, both my mom and brother struggled with their weight. I maintained a healthy weight up until 2020 when I put on 20 pounds in less than a year. My partner and I were always going out to eat, which spiraled into binge eating, especially sweets, snacking at night while watching TV, etc. We both put on “relationship weight” and bonded over food, which made it easy to ignore the physical repercussions when it was fun and enjoyable.

A friend of a good friend was having great success in her own weight loss journey with VIVA Wellness, and that was all I needed to get me exploring the website and booking a consultation with Jennifer Hruz, FNP-BC APNP. I was intrigued about the options within medical weight loss, and since my mom also had used medical weight loss in the past, I felt comfortable seeking this for myself. I decided that it was time to get some help losing the weight. I booked a consultation, and have not looked back!

Any big ah-ha or turning point moments?

Allyson Weight Loss Success StoryI was experiencing chest pains immediately after walking even short distances due to my increased breast size. This felt like something I could not be complacent with, as I enjoy being active! I knew that if I lost some weight, I would lose some weight in my chest. And that’s exactly what happened. Now, I rarely feel those chest pains.

Advice for anyone considering a weight loss or wellness journey with VIVA Wellness?

Don’t delay if you feel inspired—book the consultation! But also find supportive friends, family, and/or coworkers who will encourage you, cheer you on, and help make healthy decisions that support what you’re going through. Most importantly, even if others aren’t coming through for you, find the sense of empowerment to hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

Biggest lesson during this medical weight loss process?

Don’t ever give up on yourself! Each month will be a new stepping stone, often with new levels of challenge alongside those important victories. Don’t rush the process of weight loss—it took almost a year for me to truly recognize my accomplishments. Give your body the time it needs to be successful!

Any tips for folks struggling or just beginning their weight loss journey?

Allyson Weight Loss Success StoryIf you haven’t been successful in losing weight before or you’ve never tried, how would you know how to be successful? Don’t be afraid to seek a health professional that specializes in medical weight loss, as this will ultimately save you time, energy, and likely money, in the long run. Medical and wellness professionals like VIVA Wellness Nurse Practitioners can look at your unique story, circumstances, health, and goals to create a custom plan that sets you up for success. Take your journey day by day, but stay open-minded and available to the expertise of others to help you as you go.

What were some of the hardest changes to make while you were losing weight and how did you overcome them?

I decided to really change my habits. So while giving up going out to eat, snacking at night, and eating sweets was challenging, I found that the longer I was able to go without them, the less I craved them! It was possible to change unhealthy eating habits!

Another change was realizing that I cannot eat the same volume of food as I used to. Some days, I can’t eat an entire meal in one sitting, but that’s okay! I have learned not to push myself to eat, which was otherwise a habit. This means actually listening to the fullness signals instead of pushing through them, something that the weight loss medication highlighted for me.

What are some habits or changes that you learned along the way that are now part of your normal process/routines?

I will forever have a sweet tooth, so I had to learn how to work with that. I allow myself snacks and sweets, but I just don’t give in to EVERY temptation. I snack less and I check in with myself to make sure I’m not doing it out of boredom.

What’s something you remember about your first consultation with VIVA Wellness?

I remember telling my mom after I left my consultation with Jennifer, “I am ready to make a change in my life. I am willing to do whatever I have to to jumpstart my weight loss journey.” And I am so proud of myself that I made that declaration and have remained dedicated along the journey.

What’s something that you would tell a previous version of yourself?

Always love yourself.

Now what? Here you are, what has this weight loss journey created for you?

My partner and I have been more focused on meal prepping and continue to go out to eat less. Over the weekend, we pick out what meals we want to make for the week, and we have found a way to enjoy cooking for each other. In the future, I plan to get into a good weekly workout routine, too! It’s simple, and yet it makes a huge difference.

What’s your favorite thing about VIVA Wellness?

The relaxing, positive, and open environment as soon as you walk in! It feels like a safe space to open up about what you’re going through and what you envision for yourself.


Everybody is different and so individual results may vary. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Any images or anecdotes we share are from real customers, but just like all things in life, there are no guarantees—not every person will achieve the same or similar results to any product or service. Reading our words, viewing our images, and taking action on anything you see or read is at your own discretion. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or diet program. Hey, we have those on staff, book a consultation!

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