Colonics at VIVA Wellness Now Booking Six Days a Week

The VIVA Wellness colonic schedule is usually booked six+ weeks out, so it’s with great pleasure to announce that we are opening up an extra day per week for bookings. Starting September 12, 2022, our Colon Hydrotherapist will be taking clients on Mondays for colonics (and add-ons such as enemas or implants).

Our colon hydrotherapists have been working incredibly hard under the radar to pursue additional certification in the colonic industry—by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) which is the premier professional organization for colon hydrotherapy worldwide for more than 30 years—but this certification and deeper dive into all things digestive health and the colon hydrotherapy experience has empowered and inspired both providers with the service they deliver. We are SO excited that they’ve taken this path and will be sharing more about all this means for VIVA Wellness and our colon hydrotherapy offerings soon!

We’re so excited that she’s now able to support you, our loyal colonic clientele, with an extra day of these important services.

If you’ve never had a colonic before, we would love to share these words with you:

“When I first learned about colon hydrotherapy, I was intrigued by the benefits but equally as terrified of the process. I waited 2 whole years before booking, and I really wish I wouldn’t have let my imagination get the best of me. As scary or uncomfortable as colonics might sound, we really do our best to not only create a calm, inviting environment but we also work alongside you (as the client) to make the colonic as gentle and relaxing as possible. Not every person has the same body, so not every person will experience colonics the same. Because of this, we do everything we can to ensure each person walks out of the office feeling confident that they just received the best possible care while they were on our table.

Every single time I have asked a client, ‘was that as bad as you thought it would be?’ The answer has been, ‘No, I thought it was going to be way worse’ Every single time!”

Well, there you have it. Learn more about colonics & book your first (or 5th) colonic here or use the buttons below.

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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