Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Client Experience Q&A

VIVA Wellness reached out to a few of our recent Lymphatic Drainage Treatment clients who experienced profound results. The following is what we are hearing from a woman in her mid-thirties who is pretty on top of her health, but was curious about lymphatic treatments and had some surprising results. The point we want to share is that even if you are healthy, it’s possible you aren’t fully supporting your lymphatic system and helping it work to its fullest capacity. She goes on to share firsthand how that was the case for her—enjoy!

Can you tell us your immediate impression of LDT after your first treatment?

Honestly, I was blown away. I had been doing a lot already to tend to my lymphatic system, so I was under the impression that things were flowing just fine. Not only was the treatment incredibly relaxing, the conversation fun, but I was blown away. My clothes fit comfortably (previously quite tight), I could feel sinus pressure draining, and overall I felt a peaceful yet buzzy sense of energy.

What were your physical results?

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Before and After Client 2For three days after each treatment, you feel incredibly lean. The abs I had been working on were sorta popping through and I felt overall just less puffy. I felt like what I imagined I “should” feel like at my healthiest. My skin seemed a bit tighter and firmer—almost like the lack of fluid allowed it to snap back a bit. After the third day, I noticed that I started to slowly resume a bit closer to my normal tone EXCEPT in a few areas (armpit/chest intersection) that I now realize are concentrated with nodes. Those did not “fill up” like usual, which I’m assuming is due to the system’s ability to really clear what was previously “lodged” there.

As mentioned, my sinuses were draining and clear, but what was the biggest win for me was my jaw inflammation and pain, subtle/nagging but there nonetheless, was totally gone. I felt like something that had been puzzling for so long just totally dissipated. The only flare-ups I’ve experienced two months out from the second treatment were very clear results of going a bit wild with sure-fire inflammatory diets. Few and far between and my system seems like it can bounce back better from the lows. The joint feels smooth, like it works better, and I’ve had zero “mysterious” tooth pain or cheek/jaw tingles which were happening a few times per month.

It also felt, after each, that my body was able to go so much deeper into detox. My breath and sweat was a bit stinkier, I was having more frequent bowel movements, and I could almost sense that as the toxins were less obtrusive in the system, my entire body was going deeper into healing. But that energy strain of processing toxins was alleviated by my normal routine for lymphatic drainage and was less after the second treatment than the first, indicative of pretty significant and cumulative release between treatments (about two weeks apart). The third treatment, in terms of the sensation of detox, was similar to the first, which I attribute to the longer time span since my last treatment and a period of higher stress. I was considerably more thirsty after the third treatment, almost a bit hungover feeling, which did lessen within a few days.

Tell us about any mental or emotional results?

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Before and After Client 1In my second treatment, this time with Esmeralda, we were talking a bit more about the science of lymphatic and what is actually happening during a treatment which ended up blowing me away. Why else might I be feeling better after the first treatment, other than an improvement in digestion? Hormone changes. If we are detoxing, not only are toxins leaving which is going to cumulatively make us feel better, but ultimately the lack of toxins likely means that organs and their respective processes are improved which means hormonal regulation. And what do hormones impact (among many other things)? MOOD!

So was I tired the evening after the treatments? Yes. Was I less crabby than usual when tired? Yes. Did I feel great the days following? Yes.

You mentioned you already “do a lot” for lymphatic support, what does that entail?

I’ve had challenges with adrenals in the past year, and also digestion, hormones, etc., ongoing since my teens, so “detoxing” and tending to this concept has been on my radar for years. I’m always experimenting with ways to support the lymphatic system, but now that I’ve learned more from Esmeralda, I was able to connect even more dots with my health experience and from a place of true enjoyment, continue with:

  • 100 jumps in place and light stretching first thing in the morning
  • Lots of filtered water
  • Infrared sauna (as often as I can) — offered at VIVA Wellness and a great add-on to your lymphatic treatment
  • Dry brush before showers (you get one for free with your treatment)
  • Supplements! I have been using herbal tinctures, but I am excited to try Esmeralda’s recommendation of ZUMA LYMPHATIC SUPPORT + ZUMA ZEOLITE
  • A brief routine of facial massages that I learned on Youtube — but I’m excited to soon experience a face-specific Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment

What’s your plan for future lymphatic drainage treatments?

I now consider this an important part of my health protocol AND am excited to know it’s a tool in my back pocket for any events or times I want to feel a bit more snatched. I have booked out my next one and plan to keep this as a regular part of my routine health. The immediate and long-term benefits, seen and unseen, are well worth it in my opinion. And again, it FEELS really great, too!

This has also taught me a lot about the lymphatic system in general, and my desire to support it when and where I can. When I realize all that it’s doing and all the processes of my body that rely on this flow, that’s a powerful system to prioritize!

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