Preparing for Your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

How to Prepare for a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

If you’ve decided to go a bit deeper into your health by supporting your Lymphatic System with a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment at VIVA Wellness, first things first, congratulations. That is a huge step that your body already thanks you for. Second, while showing up as you are is enough, we wanted to share some pre-service tips, aftercare suggestions, and other considerations, including supportive supplements, habits, and products to help you get the most out of your treatments AND overall health.

If you’ve booked your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment with VIVA Wellness already, you may have received your intake forms from us. This helps your provider understand where you are on your journey and provides some helpful information for you to keep in mind before your service. Whether that’s the case or not, we are including some pre and post-service notes here for you to reference—this further background information will help you make the most of your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment experience.

What Does the Lymphatic System Do?

It’s important to remind ourselves what the lymphatic system is doing. It’s filtering and removing waste from your body that ultimately facilitates many processes. If your body is bogged down by toxin-heavy lymphatic fluid, not only are you likely feeling puffy, heavy, and stagnant, but other systems throughout the body are also either having to pitch in to help the filtration and waste removal or dealing with the consequences of the buildup. So, it’s safe to say anything that lessens the toxic load on your system will assist your lymphatic system before, during, and after treatment will result in a deeper treatment and more complete detox.

Get the Most Out of Your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment:


Prior to starting your first session and during each 3-day period of treatment, we recommend you drink 2-3 liters of water. Water and hydration are key to this process being effective. Just like any water system, if the volume is inadequate, things can not flow.


To maximize the effectiveness of your session, it is best to restrict products that impact lymphatic flow (i.e. caffeine, alcohol, and sugar in large amounts) during the process.

We recommend eating a healthy diet to enhance the process. If you are on one of our specialized nutrition/diet loss plans you are all set. If not, we can provide a recommendation sheet for ideal eating during the process, if you want to maximize results.


We recommend exercise to stimulate lymphatic flow. This includes low-impact workouts, swimming, jogging, and or cycling during this process. Even brisk walking will help.

You will receive a dry brush at your first treatment, and we suggest you keep that one in your car to ensure it’s available for subsequent treatments. As maintenance, or as something to support the system both before and after treatments, consider dry brushing and following this flow which ensures you are moving lymph towards the nodes so they can evacuate the fluid properly.


We recommend no more than one body area per lymphatic area and a maximum of 40 minutes of ultrasound time for maximum results. Treatments can be done a minimum of 72 hours apart. If you are seeking Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (LDT) for a specific health concern, please discuss your treatment plan with the provider to ensure that we are addressing and considering those concerns, as well as scheduling in a way that keeps you on course to achieve your goals.

You can have Body Cavitation / Radio Frequency Toning and Skin Tightening / Lymphatic Drainage Treatment during your menstrual cycle but it is recommended to avoid the abdomen as you will not see the same results due to bloating.



It’s not uncommon to experience an increase in detox symptoms during any sort of intentional lymphatic support, but what we need to ensure is that the body is able to successfully evacuate what is being released. For this reason, if you are experiencing constipation and your system is overwhelmed with that toxic load, we may want to alleviate this before continuing any further treatments. Please let us know.

This is an example of the entire body working together to achieve the many processes. So while you may not be concerned about your digestion, any sort of detox enhancing services may also be supportive: Colonic, Infrared Sauna, IV Vitamin Infusions.

Please always discuss with your physician before beginning any new health or diet program. Always inform us if you have a change in health status or experience any unusual symptoms during your program. If you should become pregnant during this process please inform us immediately.


You might not see an obvious correlation, but the more you are moving energy in your body, you may notice changes in your mood and emotional state. While emotional changes don’t happen to everyone during Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, it can be a normal part of the process. If you find that you are in an excessively low emotional state, please seek support. When there is an excess of detox, this can cause changes to your hormones, which impact your feelings. Allow yourself time and space to process, seek support from trusted friends, family, or professionals, keep moving your body, etc. You may also wish to keep a journal during the course of your LDT to track how you feel based on what you’re eating, how much you’re moving your body, and anything else related to the treatment times.

If we were you we would:

  • Focus on detoxing: are you sweating and pooping enough? You may consider increasing your fiber intake.
  • Based on your nutrition situation, you may want to consider a 5-day course of ProLon which allows your body to focus on some of these other processes, like detoxing, instead of actively digesting. This will also increase the load on the lymphatic system as it does some deep cleansing and repair, so the two go incredibly well together. Read more and order ProLon with our provider discount. You may want to have your treatment during or after your fast. When fasting, it’s important to cleanse the lymphatic and the liver at the same time. When the lymph is congested, it will make it harder to remove fat in the cells of the body, and potentially slow the normal function of the body’s ability to lose weight.
  • After your appointment, you are given a set of post-care protocols. Follow these instructions!
  • Be prepared with ways to dress up your water. Lemons and limes (hack: buy the juice), ginger, peppermint (as herbs or as teas), or chlorophyll will all aid the detox process and add some life to your water!
  • Pair this with Colonics and/or Infrared Sauna will allow you to detox better, but ideally schedule the Lymphatic Drainage Treatment FIRST. If you are doing any of these on the same day, again, lymphatic should go first to support and maximize the efficacy of the others.
  • Replace your coffee if you know you’ll crave it. Dandy Blend or mushroom coffees are a great alternative.

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Know that every body is different and so individual results may vary. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Any images or anecdotes we share are from real customers, but just like all things in life, there are no guarantees—not every person will achieve the same or similar results to any product or service. Reading our words, viewing our images, and taking action on anything you see or read is at your own discretion. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult a medical provider before beginning any exercise or diet program. Hey, we have those on staff, book a consult!

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