Is GUA SHA Worth the Hype for Lymphatic Health?

The short answer to the question, “Is GUA SHA worth the hype for Lymphatic Health?” is yes.

The longer answer is multi-pronged because we feel that a gua sha routine does the following:

  • Tunes you into a consistent awareness and practice of lymphatic health
  • Provides aesthetic results
  • Provides physical results
  • Opens you to an understanding of lymphatic health in the whole body which means likely increased overall health

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Gua ShaWe’ll get to it in a second, but if you love gua sha, you will love face manual lymphatic drainage, which is basically a gua sha routine AMPLIFIED. You will love Facial Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), and it is becoming a fan favorite, not only because you are feeling the drainage move, but also because it may help resolve or prevent sinus infection, migraine, TMJ, and with swallowing post-procedures. Just keep in mind if botox has been done within 21 days of MLD on your face we will not be able to perform MLD on your face—keep that in mind for gua sha work, too.

The functions of the lymphatic system are vast and important, and since the system has no pump of its own, it’s banking on you to help it flow. Movement, hydration, deep breaths, this all helps, but when it comes to the face specifically, gua sha tools are incredibly effective when you can’t be receiving a manual drainage treatment—gua sha is a great habit between treatments to maintain your progress.

Gua Sha & Lymphatic Drainage Both Help to Increase Circulation

Facial gua sha increases circulation and likewise promotes the production of the anti-aging molecules of collagen (wrinkle reduction) and elastin (firming and toning). Circulation is important because it supports detoxification, which may help promote clear skin. Gua sha will move stagnant lymph that accumulates in your face over the course of your day or overnight—this means that toxins are carried away and flushed out. TIP: Never gua sha until you have first opened up the lymph at the base of your neck, at the clavicle. If those nodes are not open and flowing, what you move in the face will not leave the head, but may recirculate. Here is a nice video tutorial.


Receiving lymphatic drainage treatments (book a manual facial add-on when you see us for your treatments) and using gua sha is a powerhouse combo that your body will thank you for. Results will be visible as the softening of fine lines, reduction of under-eye puffiness, a firmer feel to the skin, and a general glow to the complexion.

For Best Results Use Gua Sha & Lymphatic Drainage Together

There are loads of techniques available for gua sha specifically. Still, we recommend using it IN ADDITION to a full-body lymphatic drainage protocol because again, if the fluid trying to leave your head simply recirculates in the head because the body is backed up, or the entire system is backed up. Nothing is able to really leave, you may actually feel worse. Of course, the increased blood flow and collagen production may still be taking place, but you’re not going to be able to notice those benefits as clearly if backed-up lymph is constantly creating other concerns.

Book a lymphatic consultation or your first treatment with our team to develop the best approach for your unique wellness and aesthetic goals.

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