New Service: Functional Nutritional Therapy & Biofeedback

At VIVA Wellness, it’s our commitment to ourselves and our clients to offer services that are carefully chosen and developed to align with the concept of healing rooted in your unique life experience. It’s with great excitement that we announce a new offering that takes this to new heights: Functional Nutritional Therapy & Biofeedback Services. This service, offered by RN Arianne (who is also certified as a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association), is a comprehensive and personalized approach to nourishing your body and promoting overall well-being by working with responses provided by your nervous system. FNT looks at the unique nutritional needs of each individual and then makes bio-individualized dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to address the root cause of symptoms you may be experiencing.

After an initial interview and thorough intake forms, clients are ready to experience a hands-on technique known as the Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA). The FCA is a tool that allows us to identify organ systems under stress and prioritize supplement and nutritional support in a bio-individualized way. In other words, it’s unique to you. This personalized approach allows us to identify any imbalances or deficiencies that might be affecting your well-being, as showcased by sensitivity to palpitations across different parts of the body. Based on the results of this assessment, our FNTP creates a fully unique set of recommendations based on the body’s feedback, your history, and your overall lifestyle considerations and wellness goals.

A Three or Six Month Transformation

Just as your body didn’t arrive at this state of health overnight, we can’t expect the changes you seek to occur without consistency over time. This service asks you to consider that the body’s innate immune system is always trying to communicate with us through symptoms (that gut instinct or hunches we may pick up on) but we have never been taught how to understand those signals. FNTPs believe in the body’s ability to heal itself given proper nutrients, lifestyle, and environment. With this program, you are giving the body a dedicated duration of time to be heard—in six or twelve months of changes, the opportunity for change is great. Consider your FNTP the interpreter that is organizing the information the body is sharing. Over time you may also find that you understand your body more closely, or at the very least, you are able to view symptoms as information versus a mere inconvenience.

Learn more about the flow and costs of the program. 

Special Introductory FNT Pricing Up To $600 OFF!

NOTE: The first 10 Functional Nutritional Therapy clients will receive introductory pricing: $1200 ($300 off) for 3 months and $2200 ($600 OFF) for 6 months! Book your appointment today.

Many VIVA Wellness clients share that other practitioners have told them their symptoms are normal, or that they limited options for solutions to feel better. We absolutely do not approach your goals in this way. We are very clear in our stance that the challenges you face and the goals that you have are worth hearing and addressing. Our nurses at VIVA Wellness utilize your personal experience and health status, including biofeedback through services like Functional Nutritional Therapy Services, to truly access the root cause so that we can offer you the right solutions.

An Effective Solution for Almost Any Challenge

Functional Nutritional Therapy & Biofeedback Services are an excellent fit for those experiencing:

  • digestive issues – bloating, gas, constipation, cravings
  • decrease in energy/mood
  • experience fatigue
  • brain fog
  • struggle with blood sugar regulation
  • sleep disturbances
  • feel inflamed or have signs of inflammation
  • hormone imbalances

If you see yourself as someone who wants to simply understand your state of health on a deeper or different level in order to optimize your level of health, this is a great tool! You will also learn more about how your food and lifestyle choices are influencing your state of health, as well as how some small tweaks can create changes you didn’t even know were available.

Take a look at the chart below, which is the actual feedback from one of our VIVA Wellness team member’s time working with the Functional Nutritional Therapy Service—you’ll see that improvements happened in a major way over time. If you’re ready to create your own health transformation, let’s get started!

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