6 Surprising Myths and Facts about Lymphatic Drainage Massage You Must Know

At VIVA Wellness we believe in the power of knowledge and the benefits of holistic wellness practices for a well-rounded approach to your health. Today, we’re excited to bring you a unique perspective on a wellness therapy gaining popularity for its transformative effects on overall health and vitality. This non-invasive treatment, called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), can be used post-surgery or for overall health. In addition, lymphatic drainage face massages can make your skin appear smoother and younger.

What sets our approach apart is the expertise of our lymphatic specialists, who are highly trained professionals and Registered Nurses. Our lymphatic specialist RNs bring a wealth of experience and skill, ensuring every lymphatic drainage session at VIVA Wellness blends science, compassion, and a commitment to your well-being. In every session, whether Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), post-surgical MLD, or a machine-assisted vacuum RF lymphatic drainage treatment (LDT), our team will help you discover how lymphatic drainage therapy can rejuvenate your body and enhance your health in ways you never imagined.

Myths and facts about lymphatic drainage massage

Below, our team addresses some common misconceptions people have about how lymphatic drainage massages work:

1. MYTH: Lymphatic drainage massage is only useful after surgery.


FACT: Almost anyone can experience the benefits of a lymphatic drainage treatment.

Massaging your lymph nodes is a great detox method to treat lymphedema, prevent fluid buildup, and boost your body’s immunity.

A lymphatic drainage facial massage can improve the overall look and feel of your skin, eliminate toxins in your face, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Additional benefits of improved lymphatic circulation include:

  • Improved blood flow and tissue regeneration
  • Better lymphatic flow for faster removal of excess fluid
  • Reduced swelling and water retention
  • Boosted immune system by eliminating toxins
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Overall relaxation and rejuvenation

If you have any medical conditions, our intake forms will help us understand how to tailor the experience to your unique situation. Before booking, please share any health concerns to ensure lymphatic massage therapy is right for you.

2. MYTH: The effects of lymphatic drainage won’t last.


FACT: You can take steps to prolong the benefits of your lymphatic drainage massage.

When a lymphatic drainage treatment is paired with a glutathione injection or a castor oil pack (read more about What to know about Castor Oil Packs!), it will stimulate your liver to detox and excrete the excess proteins. This normal process occurs due to increased stress or trauma, such as sickness or surgery. Flowing lymphatic fluid and a happy liver mean those things can move out!

We’ve also put together a whole guide to preparing for your lymphatic treatment, which may help you understand all the components that come into play during your service.

3. MYTH: My skin will be “snatched” like I see on Tik Tok.


FACT: Many experience “snatching” (skin tightening), but everyone’s skin is different.

In this case, “snatch” refers to that tight, toned feeling resulting from reduced water retention and the appearance of taut skin after lymph drainage massage. Face treatments often result in a “snatched” look, though everybody (and even the same body at different times) will have a different experience. Your diet, stress levels, hormonal situation, sleep, movement, muscle tone, and fat distribution will determine the look and feel of your skin. Still, one thing is for certain: lymphatic drainage massages help move lymph fluid, and the result is often a more snatched look.

Some clients have also experienced a drop in dress/pant size, clothes fitting more comfortably, a more defined jawline, and increased muscle definition. If you want to see more results quickly, ask your practitioner how cavitation and skin tightening might also be tools to consider.

4. MYTH: If I have a gua sha, I don’t need a manual lymphatic drainage facial.


FACT: Gua Sha and MLD work better together!

Manual lymph drainage differs from gua sha because it uses targeted movements focusing on the lymphatic system. In contrast, gua sha is designed to include overall circulation, pressure points, and meridians. While gua sha can be useful, there’s no reason not to enjoy the bonus benefits of an MLD Facial Add-on.

While there are various techniques for gua sha, we highly recommend incorporating it into a comprehensive full-body lymphatic drainage protocol. To drain lymphatic fluid effectively, kickstart the process by opening up the lymph at the base of your neck before proceeding to your face.

For more information, read our perspective on gua sha to help you understand the differences and how to incorporate gua sha into your routine to focus on lymph vessels.

5. MYTH: I only need to get lymphatic drainage once.


FACT: We recommend a series of lymphatic drainage treatments for the best results.

Several factors dictate how often you should receive MLD. For treating lymphedema, weekly lymphatic drainage sessions are recommended. Daily sessions may be needed in certain cases, such as post-operative care or chronically impaired lymphatic function.

The frequency of treatments also depends on your symptoms. If you’ve noticed a slowdown in metabolism, hormonal imbalances, allergies, sluggishness, or brain fog, these may be a sign of a blockage in the lymphatic system. Our expert RNs will discuss your symptoms with you and find the right schedule for your needs.

6. MYTH: Draining my lymph nodes will be painful.


FACT: You should not experience any pain with your drainage treatment. In fact, you may feel pain relief.

The lymphatic drainage massage techniques we use at VIVA Wellness are safe and painless. In fact, MLD provides pain relief for many clients. If you are having post-op lymphatic massage, the gentle pressure may expose some tenderness in certain areas. Be sure to let your therapist know in the rare case of mild discomfort, especially for first-time patients or those with sensitive skin. Your skilled and caring RN will adjust their technique to ensure your comfort.

Get a healthy lymphatic system with VIVA Wellness!

The lymphatic system is a remarkable and often underestimated component of your body’s health and vitality. Beyond the beauty benefits, the role of lymphatic flow to relieve lymphedema, improve circulation, boost the immune system, remove toxins, and maintain fluid balance is nothing short of extraordinary. Prioritizing lymphatic health can truly transform your well-being and touch areas of your health you didn’t even realize were lacking.

At VIVA Wellness, we’re dedicated to helping you harness the power of lymphatic drainage massage, and we invite you to join us on the path to optimal health through the nurturing care of your lymphatic system. Our team is available to help you craft your own unique health protocol that utilizes the best of our services to support you in meeting your wellness goals. We can’t wait to meet you and show you how peak health really feels. Book your first session or consultation today!

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