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VIVA Wellness is looking for an IN-HOUSE Marketing Leader! This Marketing Leader will lead, direct, coordinate, and spearhead our current marketing efforts and direct our current marketing team. We will consider an independent contractor or firm, BUT you must dedicate 32-40 hrs/week to VIVA Wellness and meet the requirements below.

Initially, the marketing leader will be working with management 1:1 to learn the brand mission, goals, services, and coming up with a cohesive messaging plan to push out to all platforms: website, social media (Instagram and TikTok), newsletter, Google ads, and any other media platform. Ideally also will include PR outreach.

Eventually, under the direction of Jennifer, you’ll be independently overseeing and directing the company content calendar, such as coming up with quarterly goals for sharing VIVA Wellness content, services, themes, and messaging, and then breaking these down into monthly content pieces that focus on specific services and themes, building it out to cohesively flow on all platforms and social media. This role will also involve working with current team members, understanding their roles/contributions to the VIVA Wellness marketing branch, and cohesively ensuring that the team is consistently meeting these goals.

You will be leading, building, organizing, coordinating, and growing VIVA Wellness marketing efforts, in this new company role. Creativity, passion, dedication, and desire to carve out this role are required! 

As the VIVA marketing leader, you will also perform the following duties:

1) SOCIAL — Work with the current Social Media & Marketing Graphics Creator to create captions for social. You will also plan social calendar messaging, and then direct marketing staff to create the graphics or reels and TikToks. This person also is on the line for the social calendar, ensuring posts are published consistently and error-free, in the VIVA Wellness aesthetic (you may be dictating much of that).

2) COPY — Must be a confident writer and able to independently, with little direction, write on wellness and health topics that correlate specifically to VIVA Wellness and in the VIVA Wellness tone for both the blog and site, for building out company marketing and sales materials. Excellent grammar and spelling are required! This includes working with current website developer and SEO manager to execute content per SEO and industry trends and needs.

3) NEWSLETTER — Plan, create, and execute our bi-monthly newsletter. Will also need to have a plan of how to consistently measure engagement, refine, and grow the newsletter.

4) ADVERTISING — Support graphic designer to make sure content messaging aligns with Google Ads and other advertising platforms to ensure cohesive and time-sensitive messaging across all platforms.

5) BRAND —  Will be required to have a clear understanding of all our services, explain the VIVA Wellness concept with ease and consistency, and can support in directing any point of the brand experience: helping source and select photos and graphics that appear in any part of the marketing experience, jumping in to help with phrasing for important inter-clinic communications, and be ready to creatively merge new and progressive services into the VIVA Wellness model. You will have an opportunity to experience these services, with various staff members, complimentary, as part of your role!

Purpose: Support leadership with guidance and constructive feedback on the VIVA WELLNESS EXPERIENCE and brand, and steps to take for continual growth/improvement.

Goal: Cohesive service experience and excellence that aligns with brand marketing message.

Candidate requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing or other relevant industry
  • Autonomous, ability to work independently without intense oversight to meet the goals of the role
  • Ability to take constructive feedback under the direction of the owner and specialists of each discipline
  • Flexible schedule and ability to respond to critical deadlines in a timely manner as set forth by management
  • MUST have previous experience working in small business – REQUIRED
  • Desire a leadership role that supports the goals of developing, growing, and creating this NEW Marketing Leader Role
  • Clear and concise communication
  • Ability to work in a team, and lead, direct, and give constructive feedback to team members of the current marketing branch
  • Must be gentle, respectful, yet assertive in leadership communications to ensure that overall marketing messaging is cohesively executed set forth by the direction of management
  • Creativity, passion, dedication, and desire to OWN this role are required!
  • Must have respect for both traditional medicine, integrative medicine, holistic, natural health + wellness practices!!


  • Photography or editing skills to support the team with in-house shoots and keeping content fresh
  • Your own health or wellness story that has utilized an open-minded approach to move toward your goals
  • Podcast or Video content producing experience or interest. Both VIVA Wellness YouTube and Podcast are seedling concepts that we know could help us share our message and cement our position as an industry leader!
  • Digital product and digital community management

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