ELITE Fitness x VIVA Wellness Special: Enhance Your Wellness Goals

Holistic health doesn’t just involve your physical health, and the team at VIVA Wellness wants to be clear that when we work with you, we’re paying attention to cues you give about your whole human being. If you’re stressed, isolated, bored, frustrated, sedentary, and feeling resistance in your life, chances are your overall wellness is not at an optimal level. If you’re doing “all the right things” from one standpoint but avoiding another, there’s an opportunity to lean in.

Elite Sports Club Trial MembershipAs part of our focus on your overall wellness journey for your whole life, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Elite Sports Club. A Milwaukee area sports club trial membership: VIVA Wellness clients can enjoy two weeks for free at any of the Elite Sports Club locations (Brookfield, Glendale, Mequon). The Brookfield, WI location is incredibly close to the VIVA Wellness clinic.

This local fitness and health club is about more than just a gym. Elite Sports Club has so many benefits that build upon the following principles that we believe play into your overall health:

  • Movement
  • Food & nourishment
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Energy management
  • Community & relationships
  • Happiness & FUN!

Amenities vary at each location but include: Sports Club Trial Membership Milwaukee Pool

  • Indoor & outdoor saltwater pools
  • Indoor & outdoor tennis courts
  • Extensive fitness centers and equipment
  • Included group exercise classes
  • Personal training & small group programs
  • Pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and more
  • Recreational sports leagues
  • Playrooms & childcare services
  • Included family events & programs
  • Physical therapy
  • Spa services (steam room, red light, reiki)

What stands out with a list of health benefits like this?

Options. Something for everyone. Experimentation. Adventure. Meeting new faces. When you’re moving your body in a way that you love, the benefits are amplified: you’re likely consistent, you’re enjoying it, and you’re enjoying all the physical benefits. And with that consistency often comes familiar faces which may become friends and community. This is another component of health that we often overlook — people need people!

Water is a Powerful Wellness Ally

Milwaukee Sports Club Trial MembershipWe constantly share the benefits of staying hydrated, but swimming or just spending time in the water is also incredibly supportive of other wellness goals. Shown to reduce blood pressure, varicose veins, obesity while improving lung capacity, COPD, and lung efficiency.  This low-impact activity is great, especially for those with joint pain or arthritis. Whether you’re treading water, swimming laps, or doing water aerobics, time in pools provides many of the same cardio benefits of movement with the added element of a parasympathetic (rest & digest state) promoting and stress-reducing effect (via RenaissancePools.com). Time in pools creates what science calls Blue Mind, contrary to a more stressed Red Mind or a neutral Gray Mind, which is responsible for a whole host of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic benefits. Being near, in, or under water without even moving can contribute to your overall state of health (from Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being near, in, on, or under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do by Wallace J. Nichols)

And if lymphatic drainage is a priority, note that swimming enhances lymphatic drainage benefits, as the gentle pressure against the skin acts as a drainage-promoting effect. The word lymph is rooted in Latin for WATER, and so it seems complementary that these two really are closely linked. Elite pools are saltwater pools which means that they are less full of chemicals while still being clean. This is such a win for your skin and overall toxic load. Saltwater pools do not taste or feel as salty as an ocean, so don’t let that be a deterrent if you’re hesitant.

Childcare + Kids Club

The kids club is NEXT LEVEL for working or simply busy parents. Having the time and space to tend to your self-care or general needs is paramount to overall health. Whether or not your kids are in the special programs they offer, you can enjoy the perks of their Kids Club for an incredibly low hourly rate of $7/hr. So whether you’re working out, enjoying the pool, or heading elsewhere to run errands or make it to your VIVA Wellness appointment, your little one(s) is accounted for and engaging in healthy, active fun at the club. The fewer barriers to your time availability for your movement and your self-care means the more consistent you can be—this moves you toward your goals!

The Details of Our Partnership with Elite Sports Clubs

  • 2 weeks free at ANY Elite location. Though Brookfield is right down the road from the VIVA Wellness clinic.
  • Reach out to Elite and mention the VIVA Wellness membership trial before joining.
  • No commitment beyond the 2-week period.
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