Expanding the Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Team

Congratulations Jordan!

VIVA Wellness RN Jordan recently completed her Advanced Lymphatic Training which means we have reinforcements for all things Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage.

We were excited to hear from Jordan about her new training, so we asked her to share a few of the things she’s learned. And as you’ll learn below, Jordan is an incredible resource of information in these newer specialties and technologies (lymphatic drainage and body contouring) as well as her vast knowledge rooted in her nursing background. We know you’re in incredible hands when you come to Jordan and the rest of our team for these services: lymphatic drainage, cavitation, and IVs/IMs.

What was one new thing you learned that surprised you about the lymphatic system?

I was really surprised by just how much our lymphatic system can impact our health. Without a functioning lymphatic system, we would have toxins and waste floating around in our bodies, making us feel sluggish, anxious, and bloated. When the lymphatic system is slow or struggling, so many other of our body’s processes may also suffer. Our lymphatic system helps keep us healthy and feeling great, and it’s truly our unspoken hero of the body!

How does being an RN help you feel more prepared for helping post-surgical clients?

My experience as a Labor & Delivery (L&D) RN has given me experience with assisting my patient with post-op care immediately, as was the case after c-sections. I have firsthand insight into what the body and the patient go through in surgical procedures and know how important it is to take care of yourself following major surgery. Now that I am more equipped with detailed knowledge of the lymphatic system, I have a better understanding of how to optimize results for my clients following a surgical procedure. Lymphatic drainage treatments both before and after, but especially after, can greatly increase the healing process after surgery.

Why do you think MLD is essential for clients’ wellness routines?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) helps kickstart the detoxification process in the body—and many of our body’s processes and other organs rely on this to be the case in order for them to perform their job effectively. Our lymphatic system helps rid our body of toxins and waste, meaning a slower lymphatic system can not only damper the immune response, but can cause brain fog and make you feel sluggish, as the waste is literally not moving and digestion may also be slow. MLD encourages lymphatic fluid to move throughout your body and out through your detox pathways (breath, sweat, urine, bowel), helping you feel better by removing toxin buildup.

Any pro tips for people concerned with lymphatic health for sustaining results between treatments (MLD training inspired or otherwise)?

Exercise! Keeping your body moving keeps your lymphatic system moving. Incorporating 30 min of walking, yoga or running will encourage your lymphatic system to remain active! Consistently eating leafy greens, avocado, garlic and almonds encourage lymph flow as well.

What will you be changing about your own wellness routine (and suggesting to your clients) in relation to lymphatic health?

I feel so lucky to have all these tools at my disposal (in terms of the manual technique), but I’m going to be adding more leafy greens to my diet and jumping on my Peloton once a day to stay active! I’m also adding some electrolytes (team VIVA loves these LMNT electrolyte packs, which you can snag in our clinic or via Amazon*) to my water to make sure I’m drinking enough throughout the day.

What are a few struggles / symptoms that people experience that may be resolved by improving their lymphatic drainage?

There are honestly so many, but some surprising ones include: brain fog, anxiety, stress, bloating, digestive issues, headaches, and skin breakouts.

What days of the week are you available for VIVA Wellness clients to get treatment from you?

My availability varies, but I’m here most Mondays and Fridays, and I’m so looking forward to seeing you.


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