VIVA Wellness/Vibrant Body Bra Fitting & Lymphatic Flow Event a Success

On May 22, VIVA Wellness hosted VIBRANT BODY COMPANY and introduced them to a group of lymphatic-curious humans. The event introduced these women to understanding how a non-toxic, pro-lymph first layer was crucial to their wellness goals. VIVA Wellness Advanced Lymphatic Specialist and RN Esmeralda Choate ran lymphatic demos throughout the event, taking folks through some wellness activities they can do between treatments, or any time, to activate stagnant lymph in the breasts and entire body.

VIVA Wellness also tapped into the expertise of VIVA Wellness RN & Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Arianne to concoct an adrenal support mocktails. The recipe was comprised of key ingredients that help nourish the adrenals, something that is so often depleted in our stress-prone culture. By nourishing the body’s adrenal system, it sets off the proper function of many processes in the body. If you have nutritional questions, please reach out to VIVA Wellness to learn more about Arianne’s offerings. Speaking of nourishment, Simple Eats MKE provided healthy and BEAUTIFUL snacks for the group.

Hot Tips for a Healthy Lymphatic System

Lymphatic Drainage TipsEsmeralda shared so many interesting bits of information regarding both breast and lymphatic health that we wanted to share a few that really jumped out to us:

At-Home Lymphatic Treatment

You may have heard that you need to open your collarbones / clavicle as the first step in lymphatic drainage (before you dry brush or do anything else), but do you also know you need to open your axillary lymph nodes? You should! The lymphatic circulation in breast tissue helps regulate the local fluid balance as well as filter out harmful substances—because of this we need to prioritize opening your axillary lymph nodes. If these fluids are not removed, this not only strains the system but it means toxins, including those that may lead to disease or cancer, are remaining in this key area. Do this 3x/week if not daily.

Monthly breast exams are so important, but if you do them more frequently this can double as breast lymph drainage treatment. Check for lumps, abnormalities (compared to the other times you are checking), and hard masses. Not only will opening your axillary lymph nodes help with that unclogging pores and optimizing your overall lymphatic flow, but it will also allow proper lymph flow from your breast.

Use Clean Products on Your Body

Of course, this includes clean fabrics and styles that don’t restrict lymph, as VIBRANT products do, but this also means skin products and hygiene. An easy first step that will help decrease obstruction and toxicity is using a clean deodorant. This may be a learning curve for some, but it’s worth it—otherwise, you are placing toxins directly over one of your primary lymph nodes. It truly defeats the purpose of doing all the other self-care just to clog them up with a bad deodorant. Esmeralda’s favorite deodorant is Kopari Coconut Deodorant

If you feel that this isn’t working for you, and even if it is, lightly exfoliate your armpits which will help the deodorant work the best and eliminate excess odor. Try using a clay mask on armpits once a week to detox—Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Facial & Body Mask. Mix 1 tbsp of the mask and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Mix together and apply to the face and armpits. Leave for 10-20 min and rinse off. Always start with just 5-10 min and slowly move up to 20 min as this mask can be drying—so be gentle and mindful with it.

Avoid Underwire Bras

Lastly, avoiding underwire bras is hugely helpful. The wiring in the bras will obstruct the lymph from moving and compromises your lymphatic system. This will cause lymph fluid to sit instead of flowing through the body, a requirement to do all the functions we need it to do. This can lead to complications post-procedures including possible swelling and tenderness and will remain a barrier to overall wellness for all.

More About Vibrant Body

We learned so much at the event, including some additional information about the connection between the toxicity of our clothing and weight gain, high cholesterol, cancer, mood issues, and hormone imbalance. In an article recently published by Harvard’s School of Public Health, they discuss how the presence of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in the body, which can enter through food containers, clothing, etc., can cause a whole host of challenges. Vibrant is and has been onto this, and that is why, as they’ve stated and rooted their business in, a clean first layer is an absolute must as you consider weight loss and overall wellness goals.

Of course this is a bit of a double whammy if you’re also blocking lymphatic flow with wires and constricting fits—your system can’t effectively detox! From Vibrant: “Wire-free construction doesn’t restrict the lymph system like wired bras do—our bra allows freedom of movement while also giving women the comfort and look (lift, separation and support) they want. Additionally, the bras are also Certified Clean™ which means the products don’t contain harmful levels of toxic chemicals. Certified Clean First Layer—the new clean beauty.” Vibrant also recently won a Fast Company award for their disruptive work in certified clean first layers. Watch Ali go into more detail here:


And thank you to all of the VIVA Wellness staff for your contributions to making today go so smoothly! We just love seeing our team shine and are always amazed at how much each one of them brings to the table 💕✨ We can’t wait to see you all at the next event! We’re so honored that so many of you came out to invest your time in your education, your community, and your health!

If you missed it but want to be included in events like this in the future, send us an email and let us know.

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