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As we round out 2022, hopefully feeling healthy and proud of our wellness, it can be easy to set lofty goals for the new year. “New year, new you” is something we see everywhere, but do we need a “new” self when what we really need is to work with the situation we’re in, understand why it’s not what we’d like (if that’s the case), and celebrate what worked (if it did!) There is so much important information contained in the way our state of wellness unfolded. Don’t be quick to dismiss this health history and certainly don’t set yourself up for a tough start to a clean slate.

In this post, we’re reflecting on typical mindsets toward this time of year that you may want to consider, some questions for reflection, as well as offer some easy tips to carry you through to January 1, 2023, and beyond with a jumpstart on simply feeling good.

What if you start on your wellness goals now, ahead of the new year?

So many of us plan a complete life overhaul the day we turn over the new year, but what if we instead chose to slowly implement some changes before the year turns over? What if we already started to feel great and focus on overall WELLNESS this year?

I have heard so many say “my diet starts [tomorrow, Monday, next year]”, almost as permission to engage in all the things they know aren’t serving them. But the justification of change on the horizon somehow provides permission to indulge. What if you did something kind for “future you” and simply started to infuse your life with things that made you feel good, and you started that process now?

Now, the holidays can be a stressful and busy time, but it just might be easier to show up for the things and people you love if you feel taken care of, healthy, and like you are your own priority.

Below, the experts at VIVA Wellness, offer some straightforward simple ideas for how you might do that. And while simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, the sooner you start to work the process, the sooner it starts working for you.

Things you can do now to jumpstart wellness in the new year:

  • Stay hydrated. Drink more filtered water. Dress it up as tea or add in electrolytes, we like LMNT or Liquid IV. Dabble with sparkling or add a splash of fresh citrus juice. It’s easy to end up dehydrated in the winter because you’re not as active and may not “feel” thirsty. Warm beverages are incredibly supportive of digestion. Staying hydrated is critical to your overall health—if you’re feeling off, jumpstart this FIRST!
  • Journal about your health and digestion. Keep track of how you feel when you eat certain things in a notebook. Or reverse engineer that: document what was happening, how you felt, how you slept, and what you ate leading up to a health or digestion “episode” that didn’t feel quite right. For example, you wake up with a terrible stomach ache. When you look back at the night prior, you had consumed more wine than usual, stress-snacked through anxiety, and ate larger-than-life portions of everything, including things that you have no idea what the ingredients were. There are multiple things to look at here, but you can start simply with: ingredients you don’t know, eating while stressed, and eating a higher volume than usual. Next time, perhaps pay attention to any one of those things. Grace and progress vs. perfection.
  • Focus on moving in ways that feel good. Walks count! Many people achieve their entire weight loss journey through walking alone—that can be enough. Find ways to move that you love. Suggest “moving” dates with friends if your schedule is getting full. Plan family/friend walks and movement-based activities instead of always planning for the indoors.
  • Forgive yourself for getting off track. If you’ve overdone it with consumption at a meal, a day, or IN GENERAL, know that any moment is an ok moment to stop. The guilt/shame/stress of straying from any sort of diet or food plan is often more severe than the actual consumption. Drink some warm tea, go for a walk, or do something unrelated to food that makes you happy and fulfilled. Think of connecting with a friend or loved one. Remind yourself that any moment is a great moment to start fresh! Get support if you find this happening more often than you can handle.


  • In what ways did you invest in your health in 2022?
  • Were there any clear habits or patterns that you engaged with even though your health took a ding when you did?
  • What is something that is not coming with you into 2023 and how can you ensure that’s the case? Is there someone you can call on to hold you accountable?
  • If you could dream up your ideal health in 2023, what does that look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like? Really get clear on the things you are doing and what you would be experiencing in your ideal situation.
  • If you follow through on your intentions, what might you be reflecting on at the end of the year, New Year’s Eve 2023 as you approach 2024. As in, what does a year of devotion to your intention create for you?

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