Tips for Supporting Your Immune Response During the Holidays

Immune health is layered.

There are so many different factors that play into your body’s ability to identify and address the threats that prevent themselves on a daily basis. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of information that often overwhelms us regarding this topic, one that is especially critical during times of high stress, over the holidays when there’s a lot more gathering than usual, and when there are seasonal transitions that mean changes in weather, we’ve put together a number of simple and effective concepts to keep in mind.

Most of these are available at VIVA Wellness, and we’d be honored to support you!

1. Lymphatic Health

Your lymphatic system is your primary ally for immune response, as many of the threat-fighting characteristics and capabilities take place here. Ensuring your lymph is flowing means that your immune response isn’t hindered by a backed-up system.

  • Book a lymphatic drainage treatment with us! This gets the system moving and detoxing SIGNIFICANTLY more intensely than alone or with any other method of supporting the system.
  • Support the liver. The lymphatic system dumps waste into the liver, so if the liver is stressed those things will just keep recirculating. We highly recommend a Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Kit (oil + pack) to help the liver do its thing.
  • At-home lymphatic health. Staying hydrated, movement, dry brushing, and deep belly breathing all work to support the lymphatic system.

2. Sweat

Hop in the infrared sauna and let your system effectively sweat out toxins. Infrared sauna is also great for cellular detox, supporting the lymphatic system and boosting the metabolism. While in our infrared sauna, enjoy choosing the overhead lighting that complements what you are health goal working on. For general immunity, we recommend yellow light, but use the descriptions in the VIVA Wellness sauna to pinpoint specific health concerns. For example, there are different lights suggested for specific organs, so if you know what’s in need of support, you can choose the proper light. Saunas are also huge in supporting your mental state, increasing multiple happy hormones, and stress is a key factor in immunity, too.

3. Movement

Ways to Improve the Immune System Healthy MovementMoving your body daily is undoubtedly harder during the winter—it’s cold, there is less light, and you may have less energy. That doesn’t mean it’s not equally as, or more important, to ensure that it’s still taking place. There will always be an excuse not to do something, but can you be more interested in the reasons why you should?

Moving your body supports the lymphatic system, which we’ve now been loud and clear is critical to your immune response. But it also works indirectly to support your immunity by its ability to release toxins and drop stress. Your immune response is impacted by your beliefs and your mental state—more below—and exercise is shown time and again to support an improved outlook. Even if you are not sweating, the movement still matters, although we highly encourage hitting two birds with one stone if possible and having a sweaty workout!

4. Supplements Your Body Can Absorb —IV/IM

Vitamin Supplements to Support Your ImmunityThis time of year the food choices aren’t as colorful and plentiful, and/or the nutrient density is lower (we’re looking at you holiday cookies!). And it’s easy to seek comfort foods that are generally a bit less healthy and deliver less nutrients than the produce-heavy, fresher foods we tend to lean towards in warmer months. While supplements and eating well are great players in ensuring your body is getting what it needs, we love using IVs and IM Injections to ensure that certain contracted or therapeutic doses of key vitamins and minerals are more effectively absorbed into the system. We designed the Wellness Drip IV specifically for the immune system. The glutathione IM supports the liver, which is a critical component of the lymphatic system (we know you know by now), and Vitamin D is not just essential for immune response, but for supporting mood/emotional state, too (and again, this contributes to stress response which contributes to immune response).

We’re also confident in the positive impact of CoQ10 for facilitating lymphatic drainage, managing post-covid or Long Covid symptoms, and supporting the metabolic system (for weight loss). Immune health and the lymphatic system (whether or not we’re talking about COVID specifically) go hand in hand. Pairing a CoQ10 injection with any lymphatic drainage treatment would offer a supportive boost to your body’s ability to flush residual toxins or other influences negatively impacting the circulatory, respiratory and/or endocrine systems.

If there is something specific that you want to chat through, our team is here specifically for this: nurses, NPs who specialize in ensuring that your unique situation receives the right solution.

5. Digestive Health

Digestive health is a key factor in mood/stress (gut-brain axis is a thing, y’all), in the function of the lymphatic system, and a key component to detox. When toxins back up or reabsorb, do we think the body is able to be at its best when a threat enters the picture? Simply put, nope. Especially at this time of year when we might not be eating the way that works for our gut, things might be a little off. While colonics are generally a great idea, there are a few others that you can build into your daily routine to work towards regular eliminations. Think of it this way—you should be pooping as frequently as you are eating. It’s not a direct correlation, but if you eat three times a day but only poop every other day, where is that waste going?

For gut-specific supplements, we love aloe! This is so easy and helps strengthen your colon vs. creating any sort of supplement dependency.

We also are huge proponents of IonBiome, which helps encourage your body to move tight junctions in the gut. This keeps toxins and foreign particles out of the bloodstream while allowing nutrients to come through—even in the face of toxins like glyphosate which is shown to be in just about most things we consume that are not certified organic.

Drink more water in order to keep all the detox pathways moving (bowel, urine, sweat, breath). Focus on a fiber-rich, nutrient-dense diet.

Maintaining a healthy gut never offers a one-size-fits-all approach, so be sure to consult with us or your medical provider to ensure that you are supporting, not applying more stress, to your gut through the changes you make.

6. Oral Supplements

Gut Health SupplementsWhile we carry a number of supplements that support immune response specifically, one stands out above the rest: BIOPRO PC Developed during the beginning of the pandemic specifically for long COVID / COVID fatigue, this supplement is a powerhouse for brain fog and immune health (GREAT for back to school, holidays, etc.).

BIOPRO PC supports healthy cellular function, mitochondrial and immune function, GI barrier health and integrity, and helps maintain normal inflammatory balance. It’s great for anyone wanting to boost immunity (potentially for those with autoimmune concerns), dealing with long COVID, and struggling with fatigue, focus, or gut issues.

You can purchase this supplement and lot of other great options directly from VIVA Wellness. Stop in today to see our selection.

7. Stress + Mindset

Manage Health and Stress through the HolidaysWe’ve been hinting at this for the entire post, but it is not something we can downplay. Your subconscious mind, the part of you that is responsible for all of your automatic bodily functions, is always listening to your beliefs and thoughts. If you are stressed, leaning toward negativity, believing you are prone to illness, “always getting sick,” etc., your subconscious is busy ensuring that your reality reflects this. Take stock of your predominant thoughts and/or your predominant conditions to see if perhaps it would point to some beliefs that need redefining OR simply some stress that needs an outlet. Meditation, journaling, therapy/counseling, and energy work—are all huge in helping your body feel empowered to address the typical immune threats.

Empower yourself, with the tools, behaviors, and beliefs, that support your body’s ability to respond when a threat enters the scene.

Reading our words, viewing our images, and taking action on anything you see or read is at your own discretion. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or diet program. Hey, we have those on staff, book a consultation!

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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