VIVA Wellness Now Offering Semaglutide for Weight Loss

The Weight Loss community has been raving over the results of compounded semaglutide, and now that we’ve been able to use it ourselves and carefully understand how it works with our patients, we’re ready to offer it more widely!

In order to be so impactful, especially for those who have previously felt stumped by their weight loss journey, compounded semaglutide works in a few ways to target hunger centers in the brain that stabilize constant hunger, cravings, or food chatter thoughts. When you’re not obsessing over why things are or aren’t working, your body has the ability to actually make the changes. Those constant thoughts about whether you should be eating or moving differently simply start to shift—can you imagine the relief you feel from knowing that things are changing and all you have to do is trust the process? From this shift in perspective, we have seen that it is vastly easier to change your habits and practice healthy food and lifestyle behaviors. While those shifts aren’t solely responsible for what creates the weight loss, they do contribute to it during the compounded semaglutide course AND they may become lasting changes afterward because you are able to take time to address the root cause as to why they have been occurring.

Compounded Semaglutide Weight Loss Protocol

Our NP-envisioned protocol takes into consideration the experience of our first patients using compounded semaglutide and is designed to support what the mind and the body are going through. The compounded semaglutide is injected subcutaneously (into the fat of the arm, abdomen or thigh) on a weekly basis. The protocol also includes a VIVA-curated blend of supplementary intramuscular (IM) injections and oral supplements to target nausea and support metabolism and cellular detox, ensuring that what is released from those fat cells is ushered out of the body vs. recirculating and creating nausea. We have a whole suggested resource center of additional and complementary add-ons (both at VIVA Wellness and outside of it) that further facilitate a healthy metabolism and cellular detox.

As you progress through your program, we will likely adapt your dosing to ensure that you are still seeing the desired changes and that your body is reacting in a way that feels ok to you. This is why it’s so important that you also stay on top of the other protocols that come with the program so that your body is ready for the dosage changes without any sudden increase in toxins released from the fat—gentle detox is a bit easier for the body to handle, so as the contents of fat are released into the system, it is able to use the normal pathways of elimination to do so vs. becoming inundated if the detox occurs to quickly which can happen with other fat loss methods. Additionally, this is sometimes why people yo-yo with their weight loss when it happens too fast, the system is not understanding the balance (homeostasis) that it normally had been experiencing and it may work to get back to that subconscious and primally registered set-point. While we’ve not come across this in any research, anecdotally it seems as though compounded semaglutide is able to reprogram that setpoint, in a sense.

What people keep calling out with the program is the mind’s relief from constant thoughts of food—not just due to cravings, but also from the habitual obsessing or controlling eating, nutrition, etc. The second-guessing whether you’ve made the right choices with what’s being consumed. Learn about our compounded semaglutide protocol here, or schedule a consultation.

Before we offer compounded semaglutide to you, we begin the process with an in-depth consultation where we understand your journey to this decision, what has and hasn’t worked, if anything, and whether your health history makes you the right fit. We’d love to introduce you to this game-changing, revolutionizing, weight loss experience. Book your consultation today!

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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