The VIVA Wellness Weight Loss Experience: What to Expect as You Begin

Medical Weight Loss may have a bit of an intimidating ring to it for some, but at VIVA Wellness, we pride ourselves in providing a welcoming, warm, inclusive, grounded experience no matter which of our services you’re interested in—weight loss included.

We’re honored to support you as you embark on a weight loss journey through VIVA Wellness weight loss protocols. As we’ve grown our team to include two new Nurse Practitioners (NPs) that have joined VIVA Wellness Founder Jennifer in this role, we’re seeing more of you and getting more questions about the process as a whole—so we wanted to paint a picture to help those considering signing up for an intro conversation better understand what the experience is like.

When you’re considering starting your weight loss journey, it’s likely you have researched several different options. In fact, we encourage you to consider all your options to find the program that is the right fit for you. So as you are making your decision, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our NPs. That’s what we’re here for! When you come in for your consultation (which is a $50, 30-45 minute session), you’ve already filled out some considerable intake forms that help us to understand you a bit more from multiple layers of health history, touching on your goals, etc. If you have done some research and have ideas about what you may want to try, by all means, share anything you are leaning toward or curious about! We’ll answer any questions you may have.

The First Conversation for Medical Weight Loss

First of all, congratulations on investing in this conversation. Who knows what doors may open for you and your goals as a result?

When you come in for your consultation, you’ll come to our Brookfield, WI, clinic. You may see other clients coming in for our full range of services—sauna, IV, colonic, lymphatic drainage, cavitation, and weight loss. The atmosphere is very welcoming. When you walk through those doors, our front desk staff will greet you with smiles, music will be playing, essential oils diffusing, and there’s usually a lot of laughter. We really love what we do and you can feel that when you come in.

Your Nurse Practitioner will come to greet you and walk you back to the privacy of a bright, empowering room (clean, lovely, but in no way the sterile environment of most clinics or healthcare offices). You’ll sit on a couch or a cozy chair.

We’ll begin the medical weight loss consultation by walking through your intake forms, adding context to your answers. Your NP will ask questions, talk through options that could connect you to your goals, etc. If and when you decide on something you’d like to try to achieve your personal weight loss goals, we’ll put together our plan to get started.

There are a number of factors that determine your candidacy for any program or medication. Each program and medication will have its own set of requirements, so the experience from this point will vary from person to person. We never take the one-size-fits-all approach to medical weight loss. And we LOVE that about what we do—each individual inspires a unique experience.

In-Clinic Physical for Medical Weight Loss Protocol

You may be required to have an in-clinic physical as well as have some specific labs done (there are other items that may need our attention, too, but this a general approach) before we even determine whether a medication or weight loss approach is a good fit.

Unlike at a traditional weight loss clinic, VIVA’s physical is both relaxed and easy, while still being totally thorough, even for those who may experience some medical anxiety. We’ve designed our clinic experience this way on purpose—we are an independent clinic so we can support you in the most encouraging and positive way! We’ll check the following:

  • Weight. Your NP will weigh you. It’s your starting point. You never need to know this number on the first day or at any point in the time with VIVA Wellness if you don’t want to. Your NP will confirm that with you and our discussions around this point alone may be very helpful in determining some of the roots and triggers around your body and weight.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Heart and lung auscultation. This is where we listen to you take breaths.
  • EKG. Unlike traditional EKGs, your heart is scanned through a state-of-the-art small device that you apply to your ankle, and in 30 seconds we have all the information we need.
  • Before photos, TOTALLY OPTIONAL. Before you start, we’d love to have you take some before photos for your own reference. If possible, have someone you trust take the photos against a plain wall from the front, side, and back angles. Photos and numbers on the scale are only two components of a weight loss journey. We like to think how you feel in your body and life as a whole are key determinants of success, too.

Medical Weight Loss Protocols

While there are so many weight loss protocols that you’ll choose from, from nutritional counseling to compounded semaglutide to phentermine to cavitation plus metabolism-boosting injections, the path you take will depend on your history and how you determine success. A fully custom approach to your personal weight loss will be outlined.

Depending on the weight loss approach you take, you’ll likely have monthly check-ins with your NP. But you may be coming in more frequently for an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. If your weight loss protocol does not require injections, these monthly check-ins might be done virtually if preferred.

Licensed, Verified, Casual, and Solution-Oriented Weight Loss

While VIVA Wellness feels different than most clinics you’ve probably walked into, it’s a completely safe, verified, licensed, medical, and credible resource. Because we are independent, there are opportunities for the providers to customize approaches that work with your unique situation. You will not feel the standard time crunches that you often feel in a doctor’s office. Our providers need to understand you in order to help you be successful, and you’ll notice that in any of our services, not just weight loss. Most of our providers have medical backgrounds but chose to work for VIVA Wellness because of our unique and personal approach versus the traditional clinic setting.

You’ll feel this through every touchpoint of working with us! Heck, you don’t even have to stand up while you get your monthly IM injection, which can be done from your provider’s office couch as long as we can access your upper glutes. Good health and wellness do not have to mean sacrificing comfort and ease.

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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