Is Phentermine Still a Successful Option for Weight Loss?

When people come to VIVA Wellness for medical weight loss they’re generally thinking about a small list of options they’ve heard about, with Phentermine somewhere near the top. For great reason—phentermine has been used since the 1950s, with a long track record of safety and extensively used for weight loss.

However, with an ever-growing list of options for weight loss, you might wonder if new advancements in the weight change industry have made Phentermine obsolete. Absolutely not the case! Phentermine is low cost, enables quick results, is non-habit forming, and helps with energy.

Phentermine Weight Loss Experience

Phentermine works to cut cravings, give balanced energy (in the right dose for each individualized treatment plan, as some need more and some need less), and boost metabolism. This combination quickly and effectively helps people make progress toward their goals. It works fast and offers predictable results, which can be helpful instead of drugs like compound semaglutide which can take longer to titrate up to the full dose and effectiveness (medications prescribed for you will depend on your health history, lifestyle, and goals). It is an appetite suppressant that ends up creating different impacts for different folks—some see it as total freedom as they are no longer consumed with thoughts about what to eat, how much, etc.

Phentermine is also great for younger people or for those who have never tried any weight loss medications but want to see if it can make an impact greater than what’s been taking place with lifestyle, food, and movement modifications alone.

Phentermine is a Low-Cost Weight Loss Option

While the cost will vary based on dosage needs and duration, it is generally one of the lowest cost options, we’re talking $45/month tops (which would be for someone without the help of insurance and at the highest dose if they just naturally metabolized the medication more quickly). The average is usually $25/month, out of pocket.

There are no long-term commitments, meaning that patients can cycle on and off as they desire—even just a month here or there.

Easy & Varied Dose Management

If you’ve heard that phentermine can be difficult to tolerate because of its stimulant tendencies, keep in mind that that’s where proper dosage comes in. There are many options to accommodate a wide range of folks and on our end, it’s easy to individualize treatment:

  • low dose (Lomaira 8 mg phentermine) which can be suitable for those that are older or sensitive (may cause anxiety or impair sleep)
  • traditional phentermine dose is 37.5mg

Phentermine is a misunderstood drug though, and it’s important to know why that happened. Since it’s been around since the 50s, it was customary to only do 12-week studies at that time, so now often most physicians think it’s only for short-term use! We now have drugs, like Qsymia (a phentermine/topiramate combo) that can be used long-term. Because most physicians now understand obesity to be a chronic condition requiring longer treatment approaches, 12+ weeks on Phentermine is now seen as an acceptable, safe, and effective course.

So while those stimulant properties are true, the dosing is the critical factor that makes or breaks the experience! VIVA Wellness Nurse Practitioners know how to properly use your history and goals to help you arrive at the right amount. And keep in mind that it is less strong than adderall (as a schedule 4 drug) and many people are on adderall for decades or entire lifetimes! Phentermine is so misunderstood, and therefore often overlooked, but it just may be the catalyst towards your goals.

Phentermine is a Favorite Choice for Our Founder

Phentermine is a Go To Weight Loss Option VIVA Wellness Founder Jennifer used phentermine to lose her baby weight and loved it, which is why it is something that’s so easy for her to recommend to her clients. She lost 35 pounds in four months and maintained that loss after discontinuing the medication. Numerous folks on Team VIVA have also used it in short durations to start to tackle weight change or to lose the last stubborn pounds on their journey.

It’s truly Jennifer’s go-to option for those entering into weight loss meds!

There are so many options available to you through VIVA Wellness weight loss programs and through the guidance of our Nurse Practitioners, as a team we can decipher if Phentermine or other weight loss options like compound semaglutide, Wegovy or Ozempic or tirzepatide or Mounjaro are the right fit for you.

Schedule your Weight Change Consultation to get started talking through your options.

Learn more about Phentermine here.


Everybody is different and so individual results may vary. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Any images or anecdotes we share are from real customers, but just like all things in life, there are no guarantees — not every person will achieve the same or similar results to any product or service. Reading our words, viewing our images, and taking action on anything you see or read is at your own discretion. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or diet program. Hey, we have those on staff, book a consult!

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