A Medical Weight Loss Success Story: Jessica from Waukesha’s “Miracle” Experience with Mounjaro

When we share information about medical weight loss options and the VIVA Wellness team’s faith in them, that’s not just based on hypotheticals! Every day we talk to patients at our Brookfield clinic who have gained a new lease on life based on the way their body has responded to plans tailored to their individual state of health, their goals, and their desired lifestyle. Every day we are reminded of the beautiful synergies between Western medicine and all its technology WITH holistic health and understanding how all these systems and energies work together.

Today we’re featuring a medical weight loss client, a 50-year-old Waukesha woman named Jessica, with Type 2 Diabetes. She is down 30 pounds in a few months (almost 20 in the last two months) and feeling great. Her story is exciting and inspiring, and the anecdotal evidence we’d like to share complements the studies that boast similar statistics. This is not just some theoretical possibility—the fresh start and connection with goals you’ll read about below are available to you, too! The VIVA Wellness team is passionate about coming up with a creative, strategic path to help you feel your best, no matter what “hasn’t” worked before now. We love this quote, as it seems to embody the energy that shifts when people declare a line in the sand that now is the time to embark on a different kind of weight loss journey, one with VIVA Wellness.

Everything can change in an instant. Everything. And then there is only before and after.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

Don’t take our word for it.

Read about Jessica’s medical weight loss story in her own words:

“I decided to start exploring Medical Weight Loss through VIVA Wellness in October of 2022 after hearing of a friend’s success with Phentermine. My starting weight was around 173. For context, I am a type 2 diabetic and have been on Metformin for approximately 10 years, along with high cholesterol and blood pressure medication.

While I started on Phentermine and lost approximately 10 pounds, I ultimately wanted to explore other options because I was having too many side effects—mostly jitteriness and a racing heart. After speaking with Jennifer NP about other options, we decided on Mounjaro for weight loss, which ended up being a route that radically changed my course!

As of today (1/30/23) I weighed in at 144 pounds! In just 2 months on Mounjaro, I have lost 19 pounds. And while that’s exciting in itself, it is absolutely amazing what this medication has done for me. I don’t know how else to describe this medication other than it is magic.

  • I no longer have elevated blood sugars in the morning. I don’t “crash” during the day. I used to have to worry about leaving the house without food in case my blood sugar would drop, but that has gone away as well. I can go for longer stretches of time between meals without crashing. That is huge for a diabetic.
  • I have completely gone off my blood pressure medication.
  • It has completely taken away the “food noise” that I dealt with daily.  I don’t think or obsess about food anymore. I haven’t drastically changed my diet, I just eat smaller portions.
  • My appetite is suppressed. Absolutely no desire to binge anymore.
  • Now instead of large portions of food, I am able to eat a normal size (sometimes less) portion. I feel completely satisfied and satiated.

Simply put, I’m in awe of how my body is reacting. I step on the scale and see a continual loss of weight, eating normally. I really can’t say enough about what this medication has done for me and my life.

VIVA Wellness client success story for weight loss through mounjaroJust a small example of how this has changed my life is that I’m now able to walk upstairs without huffing and puffing. I had so much visceral fat previously that even small tasks left me having difficulty breathing. That is gone.

While they do warn of some side effects with this type of medication, those were mild in comparison with the results I now have. I experienced a little GI issues (gas, bloating), but I’m not even sure if that’s from the medication. While constipation is common, I found that was eased by taking extra fiber supplements.

I would tell my younger self to run, not walk to VIVA Wellness and look into the compounded semaglutide and tirzepatide medication. I would have saved myself so much time, money, and health issues if this would have been made available to me sooner.

And of incredible importance to share, Jennifer NP is the first medical professional to actually listen to my concerns and offer me several different options. My many years-long general practitioner has just given me the “blanket” type 2 diabetic meds and clearly did not look into my exact goals and the quality of life that I am deserving of.

This medication is the future of weight loss and weight related issues, and I’m glad to have found a provider that thinks progressively and helps to find the best care for YOU. It is refreshing to be a part of this new advancement in medicine. 

Jessica, VIVA Wellness Medical Weight Loss Client

I actually can’t see myself changing and going back to my old ways/habits. I’m excited about the future and what it holds!”

We Believe There is a Weight Loss Solution for Every Client in Southeast Wisconsin

We’re absolutely floored and honored by Jessica’s experience! VIVA Wellness truly believes that there is a solution for every client, and even though it can take some adjustments to arrive at the right thing for every person, we will continue to push to connect you with the option that creates your desired reality! Please contact us to discuss your weight change goals with our Nurse Practitioners today.

Mounjaro is FDA-approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, but it is being fast-tracked by the FDA for weight loss and obesity because of its safety and efficacy. This means insurance will only cover Mounjaro for those with documented type 2 diabetes at this time, but thankfully, our office works with compounding pharmacies to bring our clients access to tirzepatide (which is Mounjaro in the generic form).

If you aren’t diabetic but would benefit from tirzepatide for weight management, which would be determined through consultation with our Nurse Practitioners, we can still explore this option. If, like in the case of Jessica above, you are a type 2 diabetic (A1c 6.5 or higher and you have insurance), we can prescribe the brand Mounjaro to you.

Read more about Mounjaro & Tirzepatide here, and schedule your Weight Loss Consultation today!

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

Everybody is different and so individual results may vary. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Any images or anecdotes we share are from real customers, but just like all things in life, there are no guarantees — not every person will achieve the same or similar results to any product or service. Reading our words, viewing our images, and taking action on anything you see or read is at your own discretion. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are not substitutes for medical advice. Please consult a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or diet program. Hey, we have those on staff, book a consultation!

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