What is Dry Brushing & What are the Benefits?

Dry Brushing Treatments You Can Do at Home

VIVA Wellness takes great pride in offering our clients in-clinic services and at-home sustainable practices that move them toward their state of optimal wellness. One easy, quick practice that holds immense potential in supporting lymphatic health is dry brushing.

This ancient technique, dating back centuries, stimulates the lymphatic system, helping it efficiently eliminate toxins and promote overall vitality.

Spend more than a few moments on the internet looking up lymphatic health and you’ll see loads of content about dry brushing specifically, much of which contradicts other pieces of information. We went to our Advanced Lymphatic Specialists / RNs for the best scoop.

Dry brushing involves using a natural bristle brush to gently massage the skin in specific strokes. This practice exfoliates the skin, promotes blood circulation, and encourages the lymphatic system's proper functioning. By targeting the lymphatic vessels lying just beneath the skin's surface, dry brushing facilitates the removal of metabolic waste, toxins, and excess fluid, ultimately reducing inflammation and supporting the body's immune response.

Before and after you brush, make sure you’re hydrated. And that’s a great rule of thumb for life too, focus on hydration at all times. Hydration helps as we stimulate your lymph will allow you to move more toxins and detox effectively. Time in relation to eating is irrelevant. 

It’s best to dry brush before you shower, and do not apply any lotions or oils to the skin until AFTER brushing and showering. Bonus points for alternating hot and cold while you’re in the shower to keep the fluid moving.

This is actually the supraclavicular lymph nodes, and they’re easy to find and open. 

  • Find the area above the collarbones closest to the neck. It’s a smallish pocket above the bone and adjacent to the tendons of the neck. 
  • Use a swimming, J or L motion in them, using three fingers in each area.
  • Swim in this region at least 10 times on each side, and that is it! A demo link is below. 


FUN FACT: Emeralda, Adv. Lymphatic Specialist and RN on our team, does this twice a day during her face skin care routine. It's an easy and impactful way to get your lymph open and moving properly. It takes less than 1 min to perform.

Start at your clavicles, and move towards either your heart or the nearest lymph node. Use short strokes, thinking of moving the waste-containing fluid to the areas that can flush them out—nodes!

Here is a diagram of the strokes.

Dry brushing will actually help with bruising and varicose veins, but an RF Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is ideal in those instances.

Avoid the face with your brush, though our discussion of gua sha for the face may help. The rest of the body is safe for dry brushing! You can brush your face, but you’ll need a different, softer brush.

There sure are: exfoliation, blood circulation, collagen production, helping with bloating and reducing swelling.

Try Dry Brushing in Your Daily Routine

Embrace the Journey of Lymphatic Health Incorporating dry brushing into your daily routine is a small yet powerful step toward supporting your lymphatic system’s well-being. As you embark on this transformative journey with dry brushing, you’ll likely experience increased energy, improved skin texture, and a sense of rejuvenation from within. Remember to stay consistent, listen to your body, and revel in the joy of self-care, as you nurture your lymphatic health and embrace a path of vitality and balance.

While daily brushing is helpful and not to be missed, its effects are fairly minute in comparison to that of a lymphatic drainage treatment — either a manual or machine-assisted vacuum RF treatment. These treatments are the perfect maintenance for your system, and our advanced lymphatic specialists and RNs can help you determine the right frequency of your treatments and how best to use dry brushing to support your unique body and goals.

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