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Weight Loss Goals Can Be Achieved

Medical Weight Loss Goals Before and After VIVA Wellness Milwaukee WI

Stacy is a busy mom with a full time job, three kids and weight loss goals. Stacy’s story is not unlike a lot of other busy moms. While she was pregnant with her first child, Stacy gained 100 pounds. Then, when she was ready to start losing the weight she signed up for Weight Watchers. But before she could get started she found out she was pregnant again, which of course delayed her efforts to lose weight.

After her second child was born Stacy once again decided to try to lose some weight. She did have some success trying several different weight loss programs and diet plans. After having her third child, however, she says the weight just stayed on.

Stacy knew she wanted to lose weight and keep it off, but experience told her she couldn’t do it alone.

Help with Weight Loss from VIVA Wellness

Stacy learned about VIVA Wellness and Jennifer Hruz, FNP-BC, APNP, from a co-worker who was losing weight on an hormone weight loss program. She hesitated to call VIVA Wellness because she was afraid she wouldn’t have the willpower to stick with the program. Eventually she did contact Jennifer to learn about the different ways she too could lose weight. Importantly she learned VIVA Wellness would work with her to create a custom medical weight loss program.

“I wasn’t expecting much in terms of results,” Stacy admits, “I was tired and not truly in the mindset to lose weight. But I thought, maybe a pill would help.”

VIVA Wellness Medical Weight Loss, Support & Hope

Working with Jennifer, Stacy began to have hope. Initially she thought maybe she’d lose 20 pounds. Stacy began experiencing results right away. In the first week she lost five pounds. That gave her a tremendous amount of motivation. She started losing weight and without thinking about it she was eating better foods and eating less. “I did have a lot to lose, but the pounds were melting off and I had more energy,” she says. With her renewed sense of optimism and additional energy Stacy joined a gym. Having lost so much weight, she needed to tone her muscles.

Other things changed for Stacy as well. She found ways to prepare healthier meals for herself along with the whole family. She and her family don’t eat fast food as often as they used to. “I’ve changed my whole mindset,” she says, “Whether I’m eating out or cooking a meal at home, I can work in the healthy alternatives or eat a salad instead of fries.”

Custom Weight Loss Program from VIVA Wellness

Everyone who chooses to lose weight with VIVA Wellness has a program created especially for them by our nurse practitioner. Stacy’s program included a regimen of phentermine, which is a medical weight loss drug used short-term for appetite suppression, and naltrexone, which reduce hunger and control cravings. Stacy says she experience no side effects with either weight loss prescription.

The downside? Stacy was constantly buying new clothes throughout her weight loss. Stacy started as a size 24 and now she wears a size 8. “On a whim I had purchased a size 8 off a clearance rack a few years ago thinking I would get there some day.” Stacy laughs, “Then suddenly one day I saw it hanging in my closet and it actually fit!” She says the whole experience has given her a big confidence boost, both personally as well as professionally. Her boss has even commented how open and outgoing she has become.

Other people have noticed too. Friends and family who haven’t seen her in a while are often shocked at how amazing she looks. She even had to get a new replacement driver’s license. Not only does she no longer weigh the same, even her face looks different.

Achieving Weight Loss Goals

In 2015 Stacy created a weight loss goal of losing 70 pounds. Today she has not only surpassed that goal, but she set a new goal: losing a total of 100 pounds. She has only 13 pounds remaining before she achieves that weight loss goal too.

Stacy believes the program VIVA Wellness created for her was what finally worked. “Jennifer is amazing! She is such a great cheerleader. She always takes the time to answer my questions and celebrate my victories with me. She’s behind me 100%.”

Medical Weight Loss Goals Before and After with VIVA Wellness Milwaukee WI Medical Weight Loss Before and After with help from VIVA Wellness Milwaukee, WI Medical Weight Loss Goals Progression with help from VIVA Wellness Milwaukee WI Medical Weight Loss Before and After VIVA Wellness Milwaukee WI

Contact VIVA Wellness today to see how a custom medical weight loss program can help you lose weight too.

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