COVID Pounds: How a Nurse Lost the Weight She Gained During the Lockdown

Gabby Reversed Her COVID Weight Gain

Gabby Landis moved to southeast Wisconsin from Los Angeles in 2018. A nurse, she had accepted a new job working in the in-patient psych ward at a local healthcare facility. This was just prior to the global covid pandemic. Living as a single person, in a new city, amidst a global lockdown can be very depressing. Gabby turned to food for comfort, and she began to gain weight.

Before long she had gained nearly 30 pounds. And it made her even more depressed. “I didn’t feel attractive, I didn’t feel like myself. I even covered the mirrors in my house because I didn’t want to see what I looked like,” says Gabby. She knew she needed to lose weight. Not only to improve her health, but also for her mental wellbeing.

Popular Diet Programs Didn’t Work

Gabby tried a variety of popular diets and weight loss programs. None of them seemed to work for her and only served to frustrate and depress her even more. A therapist recommended VIVA Wellness, specifically Jennifer Hruz, nurse practitioner and owner. Gabby scheduled a consultation to talk about her weight loss options with Jennifer. She liked the idea of working with a fellow nurse to help her lose weight in a medically-monitored program. So she made a commitment to herself to lose the weight.

The weight loss program prescribed for Gabby included a course of hormone injections and a very strict low-calorie diet. With her training as a nurse, Gabby did a lot of research before beginning. She felt confident this was the right program for her.

Stepping on the Scale Again

At her first appointment, Gabby stepped on a scale for the first time in many months and was surprised and horrified that she weighed 235 pounds. It was about this time that Gabby made a trip home to L.A. to visit her family. “I could see the look on their faces, the shock at how much weight I had gained,” remembers Gabby. “So I just said, ‘I know I’m fat, but I’m doing something about it!’”

Starting her personal weight loss journey, Gabby was focused and committed. Though she admits it wasn’t easy in the beginning. She experienced headaches, which are common when you first eliminate sugar from your diet. In phase I you are limited to a 500 calorie a day diet, which can also be a bit of a shock to the mind and the body. But she lost five pounds in the first week and that was a huge motivation to keep going. “I got in a rhythm. I had my injections, I did my meal prep ahead so I wasn’t looking for something to eat and making poor choices,” she recalled. “I watched the pounds drop off. I could look in the mirror again and I started to see me again. I literally saw the transition.” By the time she was completing the first phase of the program she wanted to keep going.

Though the program does take a lot of discipline, phase II and phase III were a little easier for Gabby. Each day she ate her meals of protein, vegetables, took her vitamins. She says she didn’t feel like she was depriving herself, in fact some days she was so busy she had to remind herself to eat. Her self-confidence was improving as well, and she was learning to get creative with her meals. She no longer drinks soda, but found a new alternative in flavored waters. By the end of her 6-week program, Gabby had lost 35 pounds.

Weight Loss Brings Positive Life Changes

The weight loss program Gabby followed with the help of VIVA Wellness allowed her to make really positive changes in her life. With her renewed confidence she took a new job, began dating again, and enjoys going out with friends again. Today, she maintains a healthy diet, but acknowledges it isn’t always easy. “Unhealthy food choices are everywhere. It isn’t fun to be the one at the table in a restaurant asking how the food is prepared and what alternatives are available. And here in Wisconsin, it seems like everything revolves around alcohol. I have to plan ahead and budget my calories for social events.”

Hormone Injection Weight Loss Therapy Worked for Gabby

For Gabby, hormone injection therapy weight loss works for a variety of reasons: the plan itself, accompanied by the support of Jennifer Hruz and the entire staff at VIVA Wellness. Losing weight on your own is hard. As a medically monitored weight loss program, the VIVA Wellness nurse practitioners are there to look at your medical history and tailor your program so it works. Gabby says she had a great feeling about working with Jennifer Hruz on her very first visit. And that has only improved since then, “Jennifer genuinely cares about her clients. She is a huge support,” Gabby raves. “With each pound I lost, Jennifer was just as proud of me as I was of myself! I’m so grateful for VIVA Wellness.”

At 38 years old, Gabby isn’t one to spend hours in the gym. While going through her weight loss program, she did indulge in the occasional treat. Admitting to indulging in an ice cream a couple of times, an extra cocktail here and there, and her love of chocolate surfaces occasionally, but she always tries to make better choices with diet and exercise. She knows she was successful because she always kept her eyes on the prize.

She would like to lose a little more weight and plans one more course of hormone injection therapy weight loss therapy later this year. Gabby has a ‘curvy’ figure and says she likes that about herself. She would like to simply maintain a healthy weight.

We know she will succeed.


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