Why Semaglutide Isn’t Working for You

A growing number of individuals approach us feeling frustrated and confused, having encountered unfavorable outcomes with GLP-1 medications, particularly semaglutide. In today’s market, semaglutide is ubiquitously available, from wellness spas to IV clinics and even online platforms. However, embarking on a weight loss journey with this medication without proper oversight not only jeopardizes success but also poses potential health risks. At VIVA Wellness, our commitment lies in delivering safe, effective, and enduring weight loss results. As you embark on your medical weight loss journey, it’s crucial to consider the following factors.


One prevalent issue revolves around the lack of transparency among providers regarding their drug sources. Some providers may compromise the potency of semaglutide by diluting it or blending it with other ingredients, thus diminishing its effectiveness and raising safety concerns. Our team of experienced nurse practitioners at VIVA Wellness is stringent about where we source our medications and always work closely with each client throughout their entire weight loss program. Most other weight loss clinics are not this attentive. We spend considerable time helping clients who have misused these medications to either discontinue or safely continue compounded semaglutide within our weight loss protocol.


The proliferation of weight loss drugs, including semaglutide and trizepatide, at franchises like spas and IV clinics has become noteworthy. Unfortunately, many of these franchises implement rigid guidelines for their semaglutide programs without tailoring them to individual needs. Consequently, patients invest significant amounts without witnessing results, often left in the dark about the reasons behind the lack of efficacy. At VIVA Wellness, we prioritize the design of personalized weight loss programs, ensuring a customized approach that aligns with your unique needs. Our holistic programs support the whole person going through the weight loss journey, meaning it’s customized to your individual health history, goals, and experience.

Managing Side Effects

At VIVA Wellness, we are here to support you through every stage of your weight loss journey. During weekly check-ins, we’ll monitor your progress and side effects. We have methods to minimize side effects for our patients like nausea, constipation, bloating, and fatigue. This is why our regular check-ins are so important. Your dedicated NP will proactively mitigate side effects and adjust your program based on real-time feedback. We believe in supporting whole-body health to make the drug more easily tolerated and amplify the effects of your weight loss program.


While weight loss drugs like semaglutide can be transformative when used correctly, they are not without potential side effects. Similar to any medical treatment, these medications carry risks, and serious side effects, although uncommon, may occur. Without appropriate pharmacological management and medical care, there’s a risk of interactions with other medications. Utilized outside of a comprehensive weight management program, these drugs may inadvertently cause more harm than good in the long term. As such, a cautious and personalized approach to their administration is paramount for ensuring both effectiveness and safety.

In navigating the complexities of weight loss medications, particularly the use of semaglutide, it becomes evident that a tailored and transparent approach is crucial for success and safety. The prevalence of diluted medications and standardized programs in various franchises highlights the importance of seeking personalized solutions, as offered at VIVA Wellness.

Our commitment to transparency, personalized dosing, diligent side effects management, and overall safety underscores our dedication to providing not just weight loss but a holistic and sustainable well-being journey for our patients. By addressing the underlying issues contributing to ineffectiveness, we strive to ensure that the potential benefits of medications like semaglutide are maximized, and that any risks are carefully managed within the context of a comprehensive weight management program.

At VIVA Wellness, we stand as a beacon of support, guiding individuals towards lasting and positive transformations, emphasizing that successful weight loss extends beyond the mere prescription of medications. It involves a nuanced and individualized approach, fostering a partnership between our team and our patients for a healthier, happier future.

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