Special Promotion: Lymphatic Drainage, Body Contouring, Skin Tightening

Lymphatic Drainage Treatments are Becoming Very Popular

Our lymphatic drainage treatments have been booking quite a few weeks out which meant a few things to us—you are believers in this service as you see the benefits time and again AND it’s time to grow the team in this area.

As such, we’re so excited to announce that we’ve added another RN to our team Jordan! Please visit Jordan’s bio to learn more about her background and interests, you’ll see why she’s such a great addition to the team!

Jordan will be offering Lymphatic Drainage Treatments (Vacuum Radio-frequency (RF)), RF Skin Tightening, and Cavitation Body Contouring.

These three services go hand in hand, though you absolutely can use them as standalone services. Check out the promotional details below, which are available by calling our office (and eligible with Jordan only), but then also read a bit more about each of the services. If you want to dive deeper into the topic, please use this post to understand some of the processes at play: A Creative Approach to Detox & Fat Loss

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (LDT)

This gentle yet powerful machine-assisted lymphatic drainage technique uses vacuum radiofrequency to improve the health of your lymphatic system by moving excess fluid and toxins from your tissues and through your lymphatic system, one of our main drainage pathways. The results are a leaner look, reduction in bloating or swelling, improvement in skin tone, improved mood, and increased metabolism. Additionally, flowing lymph means the system is better able to focus on its job of addressing any threats that may enter the picture—aka the immune system is less entangled with other tasks and is available for handling threats. That means you feel good! You may also read about one client’s experience with Lymphatic Drainage.

Each Vacuum RF Lymphatic Drainage session is 60 minutes and includes a combination of dry brushing and use of the machine to help move fluid to the lymphatic system for drainage. She may also use other special sculpting tools to help your lymphatic system work more effectively. This is painless and actually promotes the parasympathetic response—the chill, rest, and digest. (Learn what you should do to Prepare for Your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.)

Cavitation Body Contouring

Cavitation is ultrasound technology that penetrates an inch down into the skin to collapse fat cells. The vibration delivered through the cavitation handle vibrates the fat cells in such a way that it essentially collapses them, like a water balloon or a grape, and the contents of the fat cells become liquified and leave the empty, though intact, fat cell.

Each 60-minute treatment is for one area of the body, and likely you’ll need at least three sessions per area. Example areas include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, glutes, arms, and bra line. In order to see results, these need to be small and targeted areas.

A small amount of LDT accompanies your cavitation session because we find it imperative to immediately usher out the contents of the fat cells into your body’s pathways. Flowing lymphatic facilitates this. Why does this matter? Otherwise, the squashed fat cell contents have the opportunity to recirculate and reabsorb—this is also why there’s a fairly strict suggested protocol for after your treatment to ensure you get the maximum results AND to avoid putting undue stress of toxins. It’s also for this reason that we only do a certain amount of the body at a time, to eliminate an overload of toxins in circulation. Have more questions about Body Contouring? Read our Body Contouring FAQs.

RF Skin Tightening

Promotes the reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, improved skin tone, and overall firmer skin.

Using the same machine, though a different function of it that uses heat and a different frequency as the cavitation and lymphatic vacuum functions, RF Skin Tightening works to stimulate the epidermis, promoting production of elastin and collagen over time.

RF Skin Tightening can only be done once every 14 days, so based on your series schedule, your specialist may use creative timing to make sure that you receive the services in a way that is both effective and healthy for your body! Your specialist will rotate the RF treatments so that you don’t have to come back more frequently—that said, we encourage you to come back often and pair these visits with Infrared Sauna or other services. So again, communicate your goals and circumstances with the specialist and we can dream up a protocol that suits you.

Potential Protocol:

  • Day 1: LDT treatment to get the body’s detox pathways opening and also have a clearer sense of fat distribution vs. excess lymphatic fluid.
  • Days 7-14: LDT + Skin Tightening treatment(s) to begin the process of tightening the skin now that we know what the skin quality is like without the lymph treatment. Collagen and elastin begin building.
  • Days 14-28: Utilize Body Contouring, ensuring no more than one treatment area every 72 hours. Utilize RF treatments at each visit (ensuring rotation of treatment areas to avoid hitting the same area within 14 days. If no other treatment areas are being targeted, only do the skin tightening every 14 days to the area). The rotation of treatments during this time will vary based on the number of treatment areas and the number of treatments required per each area, as well as how the body seems to be reacting to the RF treatments.
  • Take advantage of your post-treatment Infrared Sauna, utilize the RED light therapy to further promote collagen production.
  • At end of the treatment series, use an LDT treatment for that final flush of toxins and to see the progress.
  • Did you take before photos? If so, you should be able to see a real difference.

Suggested Add-ons:

  • Glutathione and Metabolism Booster Intramuscular (IM) Injections to help facilitate detox.
  • Consider an additional 1 Infrared Sauna per week if you’re not sweating much in your movement / workouts (use the red light therapy while in there).
  • 1 scoop daily OrthoMolecular CollaGEN Supplement.

Ongoing / Maintenance:

  • Continue to use RF Skin Tightening (rotating treatment areas to accommodate 14-days between the same areas) until skin quality is achieved.
  • LDT every 2-3 months.
  • Infrared Sauna: 2-3 visits per month. Select the RED light therapy.

These promotional prices are only valid when booked before May 2, 2023, so hurry and book yours today! Call for details.

Body Contouring

$675 $500 / 3-Pack

  • Limit Three 3-Packs
  • Expiration 1 Year
  • Non-refundable, Non-transferable
  • Valid only for 3-Packs
  • Valid for purchase through 9/30/23

Lymphatic Vacuum RF

$165 $135 / Session

  • Limit 5 Sessions
  • Expiration 1 Year
  • Non-refundable, Non-transferable
  • Not valid for packages, applies only to single sessions
  • Valid for purchase through 9/30/23

RF Skin Tightening

$255 $200 / 3-Pack

  • Limit Three 3-Packs
  • Expiration 1 Year
  • Non-refundable, Non-transferable
  • Valid only for 3-Packs
  • Valid for purchase through 9/30/23

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