Compounded semaglutide and GLP-1 weight loss medications improve inflammation-related health issues

Those quick to dismiss weight loss medications like semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy), compounded semaglutide, or tirzepatide (Mounjaro) may be overlooking some of the peripheral and initially unexpected benefits of the medications—this drug is making a massive impact in resolving issues tied to inflammation. The medical community is starting to share more about how GLP-1 drugs actually reduce inflammation and that may also reduce a number of conditions that are not just obesity-related.

What other inflammatory issues are improved through GLP-1 medications?

To name a few, PCOS, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s), neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, lupus, rosacea, fibromyalgia, asthma, and beyond. While some of these have been studied, many are anecdotal. If you are eligible for compounded semaglutide or compounded tirzepatide and have any inflammation-related issues, consider seeing for yourself if the experience of your symptoms change. These medications are also proving to help stabilize hormones to a more healthy range in some, which is resulting in easier, more consistent menstruation, increased fertility, and a reduction in free androgens and testosterone. Additionally, it can be cardio-protective—meaning, it actually improves heart health. This information, in much more depth, is available via this study.

We want you to support the whole body while losing weight.

Yes, weight loss is a key offering at VIVA Wellness, but the depth of healing that often occurs when setting out on this journey is rarely talked about and it is something we are incredibly passionate about. Weight loss goals and utilizing medications to meet them are NOT just aesthetic-inspired. We want to remind our clients that it’s important to care about your health. It’s okay to have goals around your weight, and these drugs show promise beyond just the “skinny” goals. By discussing your other health challenges with our team, we’re able to help arrive at the right weight loss protocol for you, but we likely will have a number of other suggestions for those conditions based on how they all relate. We, at VIVA Wellness, believe in an integrative and holistic approach to wellness, meaning that all parts of the system are connected. So when you are able to create healing in any one area, the whole system begins to benefit. It’s for this reason that we may determine that your unique protocol involves other services whether within the walls of VIVA Wellness (such as lymphatic drainage treatments, nutritional testing and counseling, digestive optimization, IM injections, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, etc.) or through other practitioners (such as acupuncture, therapy, EMDR, etc.).

All of our services work to provide healing on a deep level. So while you may begin working with us with the belief that your top concern is weight change, perhaps the deep healing available through other VIVA Wellness services will begin to uncover that it was an issue really related to something else that you are able to resolve at the root level—that’s a profound, and usually much more lasting, change!

You have every right to pursue your aesthetic goals—let’s do so responsibly.

That said, if feeling like your goals are rooted in aesthetics, that’s absolutely your right to explore the healthy avenues that lead you there. Who knows what you may discover on your way, as we encourage you to keep an open mind about the whole-system state of health as you go. As your Nurse Practitioners, we will press you to be open with us as you share your goals, the “why” behind them, and any other parts of your story and lifestyle that may be influencing your health, as that is all-important in identifying the right fit for any strategies we develop to move towards those goals.

Take a look at these comments below which we noted in a TikTok video by an obesity Doctor talking about how time on semaglutide / tirzepatide has improved OTHER health concerns.

“I have been on Mounjaro for 4 months and it has decreased the symptoms of my IBS, rosacea, and fibromyalgia. It has improved my quality of life!”

“I’m a pharmacist and have EDS and lupus. I have never been pain free in 10 years until now. I told the MD and he didn’t believe me.”

“My IBD (crohns) is completely symptom free since I’ve started this medication.”

“My C-Reactive protein prior to starting Mounjaro was 15.5. After three months it is down to 3.3. I can move. I’d take it forever just for that.”

“Interstitial cystitis for 25 years. GONE with Mounjaro.”

“Like, don’t even care if I lose another pound. I am pain free, can walk without pain…”

“You mean like how my asthma is almost nonexistent, even in the winter, even in Oregon… after being on Mounjaro since June 2022.”

While the comments include the brand names, VIVA Wellness Nurse Practitioners more often prescribe compounded semaglutide. This is because unless you meet certain criteria that (which are sometimes covered by insurance) we’ll discuss in your Weight Loss Consultation, you may not be eligible or it could be quite costly.

Within the walls of VIVA Wellness, we have clients who have reported similar experiences. Now, just because you have any of the following conditions and have weight loss goals does not mean that you’ll be the right candidate for these medications. In a consultation with a member of our team, we’ll explore what the best options are for your unique scenario.

Contact us to book and appointment or consultation in Brookfield, WI.

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