VIVA Wellness Colon Hydrotherapist Training Recap

VIVA Wellness Staff Receives Colonics Continuing Education

As someone who passionately researches and pursues advanced training and information in her field, VIVA Founder Jennifer Hruz FNP-BC, APNP encourages this among her team, too. I-ACT Certification is pretty much the creme de la creme in the world of colonics, requiring hundreds of hours of training before the multi-day on-site assessment and testing. Our premier Colon Hydrotherapist, Laura French, reached this milestone last year but decided to take it even further by pursuing colon hydrotherapy training in Switzerland in April of this year.

Eager to take the already up-leveled colon hydrotherapy experience offered to clients to new heights, Laura attended the training and had one main takeaway: the VIVA Wellness Colonic is already ELITE status and leading the industry by setting a standard of care, comfort, sanitation, and overall legitimacy. At VIVA Wellness, we’re passionate about showcasing how colonics have a space in the medical world.  Regardless of what “camp” you fall in (Western, Eastern, alternative, etc.), our integrative approach is the perfect home for offering our truly elite colon hydrotherapy services.

An Affirmation of Our Superior Colon Hydrotherapy Services & Equipment

While at the training, Laura found that there were no real mind-blowing moments. In fact, the colonics we offer are some of the best—effective, safe, comfortable—in existence. And it’s of no surprise, as Laura hit the 1000 colonics milestone a few hundred ago (and counting). And with VIVA Wellness Founder Jennifer and the rest of the specialists at Team VIVA, they’ve combined the expertise of their service specialties to make a clinic experience so powerful and in consideration of the whole human, that our clients often tell us how comfortable and safe they feel.

That said, there were a few items Laura thought were worth sharing:

1. VIVA Wellness can treat a lot of colonics clients at our clinic.

The sheer volume of clients that Laura and VIVA Wellness support is so different from what she saw in Europe. Compared to the average of 7 clients a month that they see, we’ve been able to streamline our check-in, treatment, and add-on services in such a way that we can treat many, many more clients each month. In fact, Laura can see several each day without anyone feeling rushed or uncomfortable. This feels important to note because we feel that the more experience you have with your craft means deeper mastery—you’re exposed to more types of scenarios, you understand the body and the service, and you generally are able to offer an even more supportive and educational service to the client. This training reinforced Laura’s confidence in her mastery, and we all know that when you’re in the presence of a confident provider, whose confidence is backed in education and experience, is one you want to spend your time with.

2. VIVA Wellness, as a whole and with colonics in particular, is a trailblazing clinic.

Because our team is comprised of so many diverse, open-minded, and progressive backgrounds but rooted in the foundations of Western medicine, this opens the doors for concepts that other clinics do not have the freedom to employ. Colonics is a largely unregulated industry which means that the experience you have with one colon hydrotherapy provider could be entirely different from what you experience with another. Not all colonic methods are safe. Not all colonics are healthy. VIVA Wellness management is engaged in conversations at the state level to push for the standardization of colon hydrotherapists and the colonic experience. If we are going to preach the safety and efficacy of the colonic experience, then we’re set on ensuring that no matter where you go, VIVA Wellness or not, you can count on that. When you receive a colonic at VIVA Wellness, it is both medical and sanitary, paired with a warm, safe energy that meets your mind, body, and emotional needs. We feel this is critical to having the effective releases you’re seeking.

3. Digestion is a top-down function.

And in order for that process to kickstart, you have to be present with your food. Europeans do meals differently than the average American who may experience more “grab & go” style meals. Europeans take time for meals, may even nap over the lunch hour, or make it more social. This supports their digestive system by showing that there is no present stressor—you can’t be in a stress state and a digesting state at the same time. Another key factor of slowing down and being present with meals is to be sure that you are CHEWING your food. Chewing is not just so that the food itself is in smaller pieces, but it means that so many other critical digestive functions occur. If you rush through mealtime, you’re likely not even reaping the full benefits of your food, even if it’s high quality and nutrient-dense. Meaning, even if you take the time to carefully nourish your body with the exact things it needs for optimal function, if you are not able to slowly and mindfully consume it, with adequate chewing, you are likely missing much of the available benefit. Read a deeper dive into The Power of Mindful Eating in another of our recent blogs.

4. The prebiotic and probiotic benefits of kraut.

Speaking of food quality, a German naturopath and hydrotherapist in the training shared the PRO TIP of incorporating sauerkraut into meals. Not all kraut is pungent and intense, but when it is made correctly, it IS intensely supportive of the gut for its prebiotic and probiotic qualities. Unlike most supplemental probiotics, sauerkraut’s influence is a form that the body can actually utilize. And it’s cost-effective. You can purchase or make your own, and try this easy recipe we recently found. Or search the internet or cookbooks to find a flavor profile that you like for a bit more kick. Or simply purchase some kraut (check the ingredients for anything beyond simple, real foods) that is “live” vs. canned which likely has been pasteurized, thus killing the good bacteria.

5. Digestive optimization and colon hydrotherapy work best together.

Last, the training was a reinforcement of Laura’s passion for the field and the immense value in digestive optimization and colonic hydrotherapy. At VIVA Wellness, we’re excited that our team is dedicated to their craft in this way, constantly researching and pushing the envelope in order to offer the most progressive service experience in their field. And the loyal client base and the waitlist are a testament to this—our team stands behind our belief that the VIVA Wellness colonic is the best in the Milwaukee area if not all of Wisconsin and across the country.

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