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Expaining Lymphatic Drainage Treatment in Clinic

Preparing for Your Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

August 5, 2022

How to Prepare for a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment If you’ve decided to go a bit deeper into your health by supporting your Lymphatic System with a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment at VIVA Wellness, first things first, congratulations. That is a huge step that your body already thanks you for. Second, while showing up as you are […]

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VIVA Wellness Instagram Live

Integrative Medicine, Gut Health, & Milwaukee’s Growing Wellness Industry

July 25, 2022

At VIVA Wellness we are proud of the integrative and functional approach we take when it comes to all things health. We strive to get to the root cause of health issues instead of symptom management alone. Without taking this approach, what happens when these things remain unmanaged within us? That’s something we’re not willing […]

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How does lymphatic drainage help you

5 Surprising Benefits to a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

July 22, 2022

While it’s been a Hollywood and celebrity hack to look snatched and feel lighter, the secret is definitely out. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Treatments at VIVA Wellness in Wisconsin! So while the lymphatic system is doing a lot for so many of the other bodily systems, there are a few […]

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Colonic vs Colonoscopy

Colonic or Colonoscopy: Benefits and Differences for the Colon

July 11, 2022

We are asked quite frequently about the differences between colonics / colon hydrotherapy and colonoscopies, as well as colonics and enemas. While all share the same root, the colon, each procedure is safe, unique, and serves a different purpose. At VIVA Wellness, we offer colonics and enemas, which can make your medical colonoscopy go even […]

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Lymphatic Drainage Milwaukee Nurse

Welcome to Our New Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

June 14, 2022

Welcome Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Esmeralda! We’re excited to announce the newest VIVA Wellness employee, RN and lymphatic drainage specialist, Esmeralda! Esmeralda joins us with 5 years of experience in ICU, Surgery & Cath Lab at the Milwaukee VA Hospital, bringing her expertise and cool under pressure demeanor. She recently received her certifications in both manual […]

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Vitamin Infusion Sale VIVA Wellness

Vitamin Infusion Special $99

June 14, 2022

All IV Vitamin Infusions Only $99! Have you ever wanted to try IV Vitamin Infusions? Now is your chance. VIVA Wellness is offering a special price of $99* on ALL of our IV Infusions now through July 9, 2022. The special, limited-time offer is available for all our infusions, including the specialty drips such as […]

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Glow Up VItamins for Your Skin

Introducing Our New Glow Up Vitamin Infusion!

June 12, 2022

Introducing the latest IV Vitamin Infusion to support your skin from the inside out.   The Glow Up Drip Give tired skin a boost with our Glow Up drip. Rich in 1,000 mcg of Biotin, 5 grams of vitamin C, and B vitamins. This infusion will support your hair, skin, and nails from the inside […]

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Lymphatic Drainage Before and After

Can Lymphatic Drainage Treatment help me lose weight?

May 5, 2022

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment does help with weight loss in a variety of ways. The natural lymphatic system function in our bodies protects us from pathogens, removes toxins, moves fluids throughout the body, removes cellular waste, and absorbs excess fats from our digestive system. As we discuss in our article, Lymphatic Drainage Treatment Benefits, the lymphatic […]

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COVID Pounds: How a Nurse Lost the Weight She Gained During the Lockdown

March 30, 2022

Gabby Reversed Her COVID Weight Gain Gabby Landis moved to southeast Wisconsin from Los Angeles in 2018. A nurse, she had accepted a new job working in the in-patient psych ward at a local healthcare facility. This was just prior to the global covid pandemic. Living as a single person, in a new city, amidst […]

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Have you seen us in Natural Awakenings Magazine?

March 7, 2022

VIVA Wellness featured in a News Brief in the March 2022 issue of Natural Awakenings. On newsstands now and online, the March issue of Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine featured VIVA Wellness in their news brief. The article, New Weight Loss Clinic Features Individualized Programs, highlights our proven weight loss strategies and the holistic approach we […]

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